What is WhatsApp Message Reactions? and How to Use it

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On WhatsApp, users get many options to chat, using which you can chat well with your friends or any person, and now WhatsApp has made its users’ Chat Experience even better. Message Reactions feature has been added in its new update, just as users on Facebook could give their reaction to any message, now they can also give on WhatsApp, earlier this feature was not there in WhatsApp Messenger, but now this feature is included in Messenger. It has been added, what is WhatsApp Message Reactions and how to use it, I am going to tell in this article,

Many people like emoji, and they send more and more emoji while messaging, and emoji also makes the message look good, similarly when you use emoji with text in a message, then the text It is also good to read, because the feeling is also known from the emoji, and different types of emoji users get to see in WhatsApp, any of which can be used in the message.

What is WhatsApp Message Reactions?

Like I mentioned, users on Facebook get the option to react to messages, in the same way, WhatsApp has also added the feature of Message Reactions to its app, so that you can send emoji on the message as well. By the way, users already get the option to send emoji in WhatsApp, but by using this feature, you can give emoji reaction on send message, that is, you can also react with emoji on your or your friend’s message. Can give, right now users get only 6 emoji in WhatsApp Message Reactions,

Like Like, Heart Emoji etc., sometimes you feel like reacting to some message, that is, if you like the message sent by someone, then you can give a like reaction on it, in the same way if someone sent you a funny message. If so, you can send a Laugh emoji on it, users already get the feature to react to the message in Facebook Messenger, and there is also an option to change the color of the chat, so that you can change the chat color of your choice. can choose.

What is WhatsApp Message Reactions and how to use it?

You can use WhatsApp’s Message Reactions Feature in Single Chat as well as Group Chat, that is, if someone sends a message in the group, then you can give Emoji Reactions on its message, it is also good to see, and you have He can see the reaction given on the message, along with this, all the group members also see that emoji reaction when you use this feature in WhatsApp group,

Almost all messengers add new features to their apps so that users also like to chat in messenger, so along with sending text messages, Sticker, Gif, Emoji etc. options are also found in many messengers, and if If a mistake is made while sending a message to you, that is, if the wrong text is written, then you can use the Delete For Everyone feature of WhatsApp, this will help your mobile as well as your friend or the person to whom you have sent the message to that person’s phone. The message is also deleted from this, and in this way it becomes easy to chat.

How to use WhatsApp Message Reactions?

  • First of all you have to update WhatsApp Messenger in your mobile, because users are getting this feature only in the new update, Android users can download this messenger from playstore.
  • After this, WhatsApp has to be opened, after that if you want to give reactions on the message of your friend or any person, then you can open his Inbox or you can also open any group chat.
  • After this, click and hold on any message you want to react on here, as if you click and hold on that message, you will start seeing some emoji, you can click on any of these emoji.
  • Now you have successfully given Reactions on WhatsApp Message, this feature is available only in the new update, so if you have not updated Messenger then this feature will not show you.

How to Change WhatsApp Message Reactions?

  1. If you give an emoji reaction on a message, then you can also change it, that is, if you have sent the wrong emoji by mistake, then you can change it.
  2. Open WhatsApp in your mobile, after that open the inbox of your friend whose message reactions you want to change, then click and hold on the message on which the emoji reaction is given.
  3. After this you can select any other emoji by clicking on it, in this way your message reactions will change, and will be visible on the message.

Conclusion –

How to send WhatsApp Message Reactions, as I told that this feature of WhatsApp is available only in the new update, so if Reactions are not coming in your WhatsApp Messenger, then your mobile will have WhatsApp Old Version, so you should update this messenger. Have to do it, then only you will be able to use this feature, this is a very good way so that you can give emoji reaction on other people’s message and also give emoji reaction on your message, and you and your friends phones Only you can see these reactions of the chat.


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