What is TRP and how to calculate it?

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You must have heard many times that the TRP of the channel has increased or decreased, so today we are going to talk about the What is TRP and how to know it?

If you want to get complete information about TRP, then you must read this post carefully. Today we will know many things about TRP meaning .

Information given in this blog post-

  1. What is TRP?
  2. What is the importance of TRP?
  3. How is TRP determined?
  4. How to check TRP?
  5. What is the effect of TRP?
  6. Importance of TRP on audience?

1- What is TRP

What is TRP? TRP stands for Television Rating Point. We also call it the full form of TRP.

With the help of TRP, we get information about the popularity of any channel or any serial. With the help of this, we can know the preferences of the people. TRP helps us a lot to know about the people.

From TRP, we know how long people are watching a channel, because of this, advertisers give more ads to those channels, with the help of which they earn more.

2. What is the importance of TRP?

As we have already told you that with the help of TRP, the channel gets ads from which they earn. That’s why the channels keep on increasing their TRP so that they can earn more.

Advertisers give ads to channels with high TRP because they want more and more people to see their ads so that their products can be bought more.

3. How is TRP decided?

An agency has been formed to fix the TRP, whose name is Indian Television Audience Measurement Agency. This agency finds out which channel people are watching more.

To find out the TRP, this agency uses a device called (People meter). Using this yantra, the agency gets complete information about TV channels and TV serials.

By collecting all these information, a list is made in which those channels and shows are kept which have the highest TRP or the shows which are most watched.

Who measures TRP?

The work of measuring TRP is done by the Indian Television Audience Measurement Agency, which we also call INTAM.

4. How to check TRP?

If you want to know about the TRP of a channel, then you can know the data available using Google. Only the agency does the work of finding out the TRP.

TRP is mainly known in two ways-

People Meter
Picture matching

1.People Meter- This is the most useful and simple way to find out the TRP, in this it is used to find out which channel people are watching more at which time and which show they are watching for how long. Using this, the agency tells the week and month TRP of the channel.

2.Picture Matching- You must have guessed from the name of this method that the picture is matched in this. In this method, the screen of many TVs is captured at the same time and then it is mixed together so that it is known which channel people are watching more.

In today’s time this method is used very less.

5. What is the effect of TRP?

Have you ever wondered what is TRP and how does it affect the channel?

A lot of money is required to run any channel and therefore it is also necessary for the channel that it should get more and more advertisements from which they can earn.

It is necessary for any advertiser to run his ad on a channel that is watched by more people so that more people buy his product.

TRP helps a channel and an advertiser a lot that the channel can bring more ads for itself and the advertiser can get their ads run on good channels.

6. Importance of TRP on Audience

By using TRP, we can know the choice of the audience, due to which the channel brings more such shows which the audience gives more love.

Final Word

In this post, you have come to know very well about all these topics like What is TRP, Full Form of TRP, How to know TRP. If you still need any information about TRP, then you can ask us in the comment. You can also tell us your suggestion in the comment.

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