What is Signal App? – Know Complete information & Features

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Recently, WhatsApp has made some changes in its privacy policy, according to which it will now use its users’ data for business, and will also share the user’s data with Facebook and Instagram and their subsidiaries. Since then, WhatsApp users are worried about what to do now. If the alternative of WhatsApp is seen at this time, the Signal App is considered to be the most secure. But not many people know that What is Signal App? Which of its features make it better than WhatsApp. And what is the privacy policy of Signal App? If you too want to know the answer to all these questions, then you need not to worry. In today’s article, we will tell you about Signal App, so read this article to the end.

What is Signal App?

Signal App is a messaging app created by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. Which works on Android, Windows, Linux, iPhone, etc. operating systems. Like WhatsApp, you can also send video & audio calling and message, text, photo etc.

The Signal app was developed by Moxie Marlinspike, CEO of Signal Messenger, an American cryptographer. Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger is a non-profit company. You do not have to pay to use its app.

What are the features of the Signal App?

Signal App is considered to be very secure, because it is designed keeping in mind the security of people’s data. It does not save any data of its users. Just ask for your mobile number to create an account. In the Signal App, all end-to-end are encrypted, which means that no one other than the person sending and receiving the Message can see or read that Message. Apart from this, it also has many features like WhatsApp.

Signal App Features:


1- Like WhatsApp, you can also send any type of message, PDF, Contact, Location etc. to anyone.

2- Signal App has the feature of Data Linked to You, using which no one can take a screenshot of your Chat Messages.

3- In the Signal App, you can set a PIN to protect it, so that no other person will be able to use it.

4- In this, your personal details are not asked from you.

5- In this, you cannot form a group and include a person in that group, unless the person wants to.

6- Like WhatsApp, it also has the feature of Delete for everyone, using which you can delete the sent message and the person who has gone to the message will not see it.

7- In this, data is not saved on Google Drive, Cloud Store like WhatsApp. Which means that you cannot back up your data.

8- It has the feature of Typing ON / OFF, using which when you are Typing while messaging someone, no one will know that you are Typing.

9- It also has the feature of Hide Blue tick, using which no one will know that you have seen the Message sent by it.

10- It has the feature of Disappearing Message, using which you can automatically delete the old Message after a certain time.


What is the Privacy Policy of Signal App?

Signal App’s privacy policy is very good compared to all types of messaging apps.

1- In this, almost all types of data are End to End Encrypted, which means that your data is safe.

2- Signal App does not share your data with any website, company or third party of any kind.

3- It takes its contact number from its users just to create an account, apart from it does not take any other type of data.

4- To use the Signal App, you must be at least 13 years of age.

5- It asks you for access to camera, microphone, storage, contact, calendar, photo, media files, location, internet connection, wifi, Signal App’s meta data is also end-to-end encrypted.

Signal Vs WhatsApp – What is the Difference

It is many times better than whatsapp or other messaging applications.

1- In this, your data is not shared with anyone, while WhatsApp shares your data with Facebook, Instagram and their subsidiaries for business.

2- In this, you are not asked for any kind of personal data, while personal details such as Contact Information are sought in WhatsApp and Telegram.

3- On WhatsApp, you can add anyone by creating a group, while here if you want to add a person, then first a notification will go to him, if he wants to join then only you can add him.

4- You can add security PIN to it, so that no other person can use your account.

5- Only your messaging and video calling are encrypted end to end on WhatsApp, while all your data on the Signal App is end to end encrypted.

Some Questions Related to Signal App (FAQs)

Q- Is Signal App an alternative to WhatsApp?

A- Yes it can be used as another alternative to WhatsApp.

Q- Is Signal App safer than WhatsApp?

A- Yes it is much better and safer than WhatsApp.

Q- Since when has the Signal App become more popular?

A- Although it has been popular for a long time in terms of security, but it became more popular ever since WhatsApp changed its privacy policy and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk tweeted to use it on his Twitter.

Q- Which company has made Signal App?

A- It was built in 2014 by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC.

Q- Who created the Signal App?

A- It was created by Moxie Marlinspike, an American cryptographer and is currently its CEO.

Q- Signal App is the app of which country?

A- This is the application of California, United States America.

Q- How to download Signal app?

A- Signal is available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iStore, you can download it for free from there.


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