What is Resso App? And What are its features?

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Hello friends, friends today we will talk about Resso app in our blog. In this blog I will give you the resso app, what are its features as well as every small and big information related to it, so friends, to get complete information about resso, definitely read this blog of mine till the end. Welcome to our support blog. Resso is a music application. This is an application using which we can enjoy music. You can enjoy non stop music through this app.

So friends, in this post we will first go about what is Resso Music app? How can I use it? When was this application launched? What kind of music do you find in this? Is this application safe for us? Who is its owner? And how to download it? I will give all this information, so let’s first know what is resso app?

Friends, I hope that you will like this post of mine and through this you will get answers to all your questions.

What is Resso App?

Friends Reso is a music application, in which we can listen to many types of songs. Understand this is like the interface of Tiktok, that’s why we can also call it Tiktok Music Application. You can easily listen to any song through this app. If seen, this is a type of Slide Up Song Application, in which we are able to play different types of songs by Slide Up and at the same time enjoy all the new music. Resso One Moon Video Inc. Company is. This is a music streaming application, which was launched in March 2021. You must have seen its ad on YouTube at some point of time, if seen, resse looks like an application like tik tok, and you must have known about tiktok which was very popular in its time.

How to Download Reso App?

You can easily download the Resso app from the Play Store. This app has got 100 million+ users in no time i.e. it has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. Talking about the size of this application, it is 28 MB, which may increase with the new update. The Resso app supports all versions of Android above version 5. It also has a rating of 4.3. So looking at all these factors, we can say that this is a very good music app which is also being liked by the people.

Features of Resso Music App-

1. Language

You get to see Resso App in many languages. Here you will definitely get to see the language of your state because it is available in many languages. For example- English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Haryanvi and Bhojpuri etc. languages ​​are found.

2. Songs

In the Reso app, you will get to listen to more than 50 million songs in all these languages, and the number 50 million is a very big number in itself. With this we can listen to many songs simultaneously on a single platform and we will not be able to listen to any number of songs. No need to go to another platform.

3. Slide up

In the Resso application, you get to see a very good feature which is not available in any other music application. In this, you get the option of slide up, so that you can change the song by simply sliding, which is mostly seen in the short video application. This feature which has been included in this music streaming application is quite different. Along with this, you get many options in it, so that you can download any song with Like, Share, Comment. This is a great feature in itself because you can’t even download all the songs on any music application.

4. Explore

Through its Explore option, we can see many types of songs. Also the best thing is that we can listen and enjoy songs according to our mood in it.


In this we will be able to use all the songs according to a category as well. Like Hip Hop, Pop, Bollywood, Electronic, Rock, Decade, Alternative are available to see so that we can find our favorite songs. Also, it makes it easy for us to watch our favorite song.


In Resso, you get to see the scene option, which is the best option to categorize the songs. So that we can find the songs of our choice according to Work and Scene. For example – Sleep, Chill, Girl Power, Game On, Late Night, Let’s Dance, Hangout and Workout etc. Sometimes we want to listen to songs while doing some of our work, then we listen to our songs accordingly. can hear.


So friends, today we have learned through this post that what is Reso Application? How do you use it? Which country is this application from? When did it launch? What kind of music do you get to listen to in this? Is this application safe to use? How to download this application? And at the same time know about many of its features. Friends, I hope that you have liked my post and at the same time will have liked all the information given by me.


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