What is QR Code (Quick Response Code) – How to Create QR Code?

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If you use a Smartphone in today’s modern era, you must have seen or heard the QR Code somewhere. Today, the QR Code is used to perform many tasks such as tracking of goods and transacting money and securing necessary documents. But do you know that Waht is QR Code and why it is used? In today’s article, we will tell you about the QR Code in detail, after reading it, you will get the answer to all these questions, so read this article completely.


What is QR Code (Quick Response Code)

In simple terms, the QR Code is a kind of two-dimensional barcode, and the information is stored in a machine-readable optical label, these optical labels are used for the items linked to themselves. Keep information about. In QR Code, data can be stored in a maximum of 4 mediums (Numeric, Alphanumeric, Binary, Kanji).

The QR Code System is more readable and has more storage capacity than standard UPC barcodes. UPC barcodes are only one-dimensional (direction), while QR codes are two-dimensional, and can store data in both horizontal and vertical directions.

So it has more storage capacity than normal barcode. In addition, the information stored in it can be read by scanning with the help of barcode scanner or phone camera. The structure of the QR Code is similar to the Square Box made of Square Black Modules above the White Background.

It was first invented for automotive industries located in Japan. At that time it was mostly used to track parts used during the design of vehicles. But after that, due to its storage capacity and high readable capacity, it started being used for more functions.


QR Code Full Form

The full form of QR Code is “Quick Response Code”.


How does the QR code work?

The QR Code was created so that more information could be stored in it than the normal barcode, and if ever the QR Code burst, more and more information could be retrieved from it. There are three Square Block in three corners of the QR Code, and Error Connection Block is also seen with Timing Line in between them. Here Error Connection Block refers to the error between small blocks. In QR Code 4/2 blocks are connected to each other with Error Connection, and the number is set in these blocks. Which is read the hidden numbers in the block with the help of a mobile or a scanner.


How to scan QR code?

Using QR Code is very easy. If you have a Smartphone, and it supports any type of operating system like Android, iOS, Bleckberry etc., then it already has a QR Code Scanner. You can open it and scan it by pointing at the top of the QR Code with the camera of your phone. After scanning the QR Code, whatever information is in the QR Code will be displayed on the screen of your phone. If for any reason Scanner is not found in your Smartphone, then for that you can download the QR Code Reader and Scanner Application.


How to create QR code?

Creating a QR Code is a very easy task, just for this you need a Smartphone. And with this help, you can store your name, number, Gmail address, and other information in the QR Code. For this, you will find many applications and websites on the Internet, where you can create your QR Code very easily.

To create a QR Code you can use qr-code-generator. Can be used. There is a very popular website for this. After going here, for any type of information you want to create a QR Code, Option will be given, click on that option and fill in the details. After that your QR Code will be created, you can download it and save it and share it with anyone.


What is the difference between QR code and Bar Code?

By the way, these two look almost the same, but there is a lot of difference between them. Normally Barcode is of one dimension, meaning that it consists of lines with One Dimension of Black White. While the QR Code is two-dimensional, it is composed as Black & White Square. The storage capacity of QR Code is more than the storage capacity of Barcode.


What are the Advantages of QR code?

1- Its biggest advantage is that it can store about 100 times more information than barcodes.

2- It can be easily created and scanned, for which many applications and websites are available on the Internet.

3- Scanning the QR Code is quite easy, being two-dimensional, it can be scanned from any direction.

4- It can complete any type of Payments faster.

5- Massage can be shared with its help.

6- It is very easy to use, and it can be used for free.


Where is QR Code used?

By the way, it is used to do a lot of tasks, some of which we have described below.

1- In this, you can store your business related information and use it for your business.

2- It is also used to monitor the product.

3- An object can be identified using the QR Code if it contains information about that object.

4- Time trekking can be done using this.

5- It is used to manage various types of documents.

6- One can be redirected to the URL of a website using the QR Code.

7- In this, Massage can be stored and shared with anyone.

8- Affiliate marketing of various types of products is done using it, which helps in increasing the business.

9- QR Code is more commonly used to make Digital Payment.


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