What is Instagram Highlight? How to Add Highlights on Instagram Profile

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If you share the story on Instagram, you will also see the highlight option there, but many people do not know about this option, in simple words, with this you can show some of your Instagram stories on your profile. That is, whenever someone visits your profile, he/she sees stories in the highlighted option along with your photos, videos, in which you can also add photos and videos, in this article about how to add Instagram Highlight. I’m gonna tell

Although this is not a new feature, but people who are using Instagram for the first time, they do not have any idea about highlighting the story, and whenever you post any stories on your account, they are automatically highlighted. There is no add in option but they have to add in this option.

What is Instagram Highlight?

In the profile of Instagram, along with photos and videos, the option of Highlights also appears, in which you can add your favorite Instagram Stories, as you may know that you can share Stories on Instagram in Photo, Video, Text etc. Stories are visible to all your followers and are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

But some people also want to show stories on the profile, although photos, videos and reels are visible on the profile of Instagram, but if you are posting any of your stories which is very good, then highlight them through Instagram Highlight. You can, this will delete your story for 24 hours, but it will appear in the highlight option of your account’s profile, adding Instagram Highlight also makes the profile look good,

And this also increases followers because when someone visits your Instagram profile, they will see your photo and video as well as Highlight Stories, and if people like your highlight stories then they also follow you.

How to Add Instagram Highlight (How to ADD Highlight Stories)

As I mentioned that it is very simple to highlight Stories on Instagram, and in this you can add any of your stories and also add some text or hashtags to it, you must have seen highlights on Instagram profile of many people, in which photo, video and text etc. live,

Similarly, some people post their story by adding a song to the photo and also share the reels video in their story, although you can highlight only stories in the Instagram Highlight option, but by using this feature, you can You can beautify your profile, if you do not want to post your photo and video on Instagram, then only by sharing your photo or video in the story, you can highlight them on Instagram,

And some people do not share photos and videos or reels, they only post stories and highlight the story they like, in this way you can also add your Instagram Stories to your profile and keep it. You can highlight any number of stories, and you can also add your hashtag to it, this Instagram Highlight appears on your profile in a small round image which when clicked will show the story.

How to add Instagram Highlight?

  • First of all, you have to open the Instagram App in your phone, after that you can post any story that you want to highlight, here on the homepage you will see an option with Your Story, by clicking on it click on any one from your mobile gallery. You can select a photo or video and share it in Stories.
  • After this, when you open your Instagram Stories after posting it, and then you will see some options, out of which click on the Highlight option.
  • Then you can see how your story will look after being highlighted here, here you can write any text in the Highlights, that is, you can write some words related to your photo or video, and then add the ones. Click on option.Now you have successfully highlighted the story in your Instagram profile, which you can see by going to your profile, and if you do not like any story you have highlighted on Instagram, then there is an option to delete it too.

Conclusion –

What is Instagram Highlight, although on Facebook, users also get the option to highlight the story, but more Instagram users than Facebook use this feature because it also makes the profile look good, and you can use the photo in Instagram Highlight. You can highlight the story by putting songs together, apart from this, you also get the option to select the highlight cover,

That is, you can select the cover photo that you want to appear in your Instagram Highlight stories and choose any photo from your mobile gallery, apart from this the option to edit the title is also available in it, so that you You can change the title of Highlight Stories and write any other text in it, there is also an option to share this stories with friends, so that you can share Highlight Stories with your Instagram Friends. can share.

Friends must have learned about how to add Instagram Highlight, if you liked this information and found it useful, then share it with your other friends also and keep visiting our site for such new information.

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