What is Google Task Mate App? And How to Make Money from it

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Shortly before, Google launched an application called Task Mate and with its help you can earn money sitting at home. Although you will find a lot of apps on the Google Play Store that claim to be online earning, but about 90% of them are Fake Apps. So we have brought this article for you, in which we will tell about the Google Task Mate App. If you do not know that What is Google Task Mate App? So stay with this article till the end.

What is Google Task Mate App?

Recently Google is testing a new app called Task Mate, with the help of which you can do Online Earning from home. Google can launch this app very quickly for all users, now this app has been provided to only a few specific testers. But for this you have to have a Smartphone and Google ID. In addition, your phone should have Internet Connection.

By using this special app of Google, you can earn money by completing some easy tasks, and you can take the money earned in your Local Currency. Not only this, you can complete these tasks with the help of your Smart Phone.

How Google Task Mate App Works

As you all know, Google keeps upgrading itself all the time. There are many questions that Google does not know the answer to, such as local languages ​​or small businesses that do not have a listing on Google Map. Google’s user has to face a lot of difficulties to know about it, keeping this problem in mind, Google is going to launch its app.

Where Google itself will give money as Task Complete by giving these troubles as Task. With this, businesses around the world can upload their task in this app of Google. There can be many types of tasks in it, such as taking a survey or uploading an image of a shop and translating a language into the local language. Or you may have to answer some questions in Task, and furthermore if you do not know about a Task, you can also skip that Task.

How to use Google Task Mate App

To use this app, the user must first go to the Google Play Store. Go there and download this app. After this, open this app in your phone and register it with the help of your Google ID. After this, a new page will open in front of the user, where he has to select his language. After this, a new page will open again in front of it, where the user will have the option to select multiple languages. Users can select any of them according to their convenience, which language they have a good grasp on.

After this, a new page will open in front of the user, here, he will have to enter the Referral Code. After entering the Referral Code, a page of Accept Agreement will appear in front of the user, he has to accept the user. After that you will have a new Dashboard Open, where you can complete the task by selecting the task according to your interest. Keep in mind that you have to have a Referral Code to use this App.

Because it is currently in App Testing, its Referral Code is available to only a few users, who are Google’s Trusted Users and only three people can use a Referral Code. So if a website is giving you Referral Code, then beware of it because if you register wrong Referral Code again and again, Google will block you. So please wait till this app becomes usable for all users.

How to Earn Money from Google Task Mate App

Making money from Task Mate App is very easy, for this, the user has to first go to Google Play Store and download it and register it. After that, the page of the agreement will come which the user has to accept. In this app, Task is divided into two parts Field Task and Sitting Task.

The user will have to take pictures of nearby work in the Field Task such as local restaurants, shops, and various other locations that can be used for Google Map. To complete this task, you have to go to the places around you, the places for which the task will be found.

Apart from this, in the Sitting Task, the user can translate a sentence into the local language and answer some questions and other types of surveys can be done. Which you can do from anywhere by sitting in one place. After the completion of each task, it will be forwarded to review. After that the amount received to complete the task will be sent to your account. Which users can see in their Dashboard.

Benefits of Google Task Mate

This app gives you an easy way to earn money by doing some simple tasks with the help of your mobile. In this application you are not obligated to have minimum balance to receive payment, and payment can be taken after completing the work. Anyone can complete the task through this app. There is no need for any degree or technical skills for this, and the biggest advantage is that you can get Payments directly in your bank account and in your local currency.

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