What is Google Drive and how to save photos in it?

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Google Drive is a free cloud service in which you can store files, photos and also save all kinds of documents in it. In this article, from creating an account on Google Drive, complete information about how to use it!

Google Drive is a very popular free cloud storage service that lets you save various files online to the cloud and then access them from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It comes pre-installed on most new Android phones, and you already have a Google Drive account if you’ve ever used Gmail. If you are unaware of this feature, then in this article What is Google Drive and how to save photos in it? You will get detailed information here today.

You can also understand Google Drive service as a cloud storage, using which you can save documents, files, photos, audio, video and any other data stored on your devices safely in the cloud. It is known for its many great features like – Fast Uploading & Download Files, Creating Folders and Sharing Files etc.

It’s powerful and easy to use, but if you’re new to this cloud storage service, we’ve given you a simple language guide on how to use Google Drive. Before knowing about this Google Drive Kaise Use Kare, let us tell you about what is Google Drive.

What is google drive ?

Google Drive is a cloud based file storage service created by Google. Through this, you can store any type of file in it, whether it is any kind of video, audio, photo or any kind of digital file or folder. The best feature of this is that, whatever files you save in this drive, you can also access it on any other device (device) because in this your data is saved in the cloud.

For example, if we store a file through the phone, then we can view and download that file on any other device like tablet, laptop, computer etc.

How to Download Google Drive?

As we told you, Google Drive is already installed in Android phone, but if you are an Apple user and want to save your data on Google Drive, then you can download Google Drive from “Apple Store” in your phone. can. Also, you should always update your Google Drive from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, so that you can run your Drive in a better way.

How to create google drive account

Creating a Google Drive Account is very easy and knowing the benefits of Google Drive, now you must have been excited to use this service. So let’s go to Google Drive Par Account Kaise Banaye:

Step 1: Most of us have an account on Gmail, so you will not need to create a separate Google Drive account on it. You go directly to Google Drive and use your Gmail account on “Google Drive Account Sign In”.

Step 2: After that you click on “New Option”, as soon as you click on New Option, many options will appear in front of you. Now if you want to add a folder, you can do that too, you can upload a file or a folder, apart from this, you can choose any option according to your needs and do your work.

Step 3: You will also get the option of Google Drive in your Gmail account. If you do not have an account on Gmail, then we would recommend that you first create your Gmail account because after that you will be able to use Google Drive in a better way.

How to Upload Photos from Android to Google Drive?

  1. First of all open Google Drive App on your Android mobile.
  2. On the right corner you will see a large (+) icon. Tap on it.
  3. A pop up menu will open with ‘Create New’ as header. In which you will see many options, out of them click on ‘Upload’.
  4. Now you have to find and select those files, photos and videos from the file manager of your mobile.
  5. To see whether your selected files or photos have been saved in the drive, you have to go to ‘Recent’ in the menu option.


Google Drive is the best and safest way to keep our important data, files, photos and folders, in which you can store up to 15GB of data in it and can also remove or share with others when needed. So friends, now you must have understood everything about Google Drive.


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