What is Computer Output and Input Device?

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Computer is made up of software and hardware, just as software has an important role to run a computer, in the same way computer hardware is also important, which includes output and input devices, data and instructions are given in the computer through input devices. , that is, any type of data can be input from them, every computer has a keyboard and mouse which is an input device, and from which it is operated on the computer, without them the PC cannot be operated, similarly the folder Or the work of creating a file, installing software, programming and giving any kind of instructions to the computer, etc. is done by the input device,

Output Device After processing the instructions given by the computer’s input device, the result shows in Hard Copy and Soft Copy, Hard Copy is a Printed Document while Soft Copy is a Non Printed Document, that is, in MS Word in your computer. Power Point or Excel create any file and save that file in Hard Disk Storage, then it is a soft copy, and when you take out the print of a file, it is a hard copy, through the printer you can use any Print can be taken out of file document, PDF, photo etc.

What is Computer Output and Input Device and how many types are there?

With any computer, you must have seen Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Speaker etc., these are Output and Input Device, as I told that Hardware has an important role in PC, and these input and output devices are computer hardware. There are those by which we can input the data and get its result, the computer works on the instructions of man, that is, by instructing it, it can get someone to do the work, since the computer is a machine, so it can also be instructed in machine language. It can be given, you can give any instructions to it through Command Prompt in the computer, with this you can open any file, find out program information, etc., and do many things, and this option is available in all Windows. goes.

Input Device List

1. Keyboard

The keyboard is like a typewriter, just as any text can be typed with a typewriter, in the same way any type of text can be typed with the keyboard, but the keyboard keys are easily pressed as compared to the buttons in the typewriter. That is, the keyboard input device is connected to the computer by a cable with one end embedded in the keyboard and the other end in the USB port on the back of the CPU, is easier to type with a keyboard than a typewriter, and has There are more keys than a typewriter, there are number keys, character keys, function keys, editing and editing keys, control or control keys, and symbol keys, etc. Each key has a different function, which are displayed on the screen by keyboard keys. Cursor can also be done in Left, Right, Up and Down,

The important keys given in the computer’s input device keyboard are Backspace, Space Bar, Enter , Esc, Caps lock, etc. Any character can be erased by Backspace, it moves the cursor from the left side while erasing one character. That is, the spacebar is the largest button of the keyboard which is used to leave space between the letters, through this you can leave any number of space between any letter or word and after that you can write another word, Enter key performs the execution of instructions by the computer, Esc is used to stop any kind of processing in the computer, through Caps lock you can type in capital letter from the keyboard, for this you have to use Shift key. Doesn’t have to be pressed.

2. Mouse

Mouse is also an Input Device, which is connected to the computer through the CPU, the cursor visible on the computer screen through the mouse can be done in Left, Right, Up, Down etc., that is, the arrow mark on the computer’s screen. Looks like, the mouse can also move that arrow mark on the screen, and to complete the task, the mouse button is pressed, for example, if you want to open a program, then through the mouse. By bringing the cursor to that program or application, you can open that application by left-clicking with the mouse.

3. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)

In this input device, the data to be input from a system understandable by human and machine is written on a normal paper, special font is used to write letters, and to write letters. Special ink is used for this, it is used in most of the banks.

4. OCR (Optical Character Reader)

OCR input device is a Character Reader or Scanner, through which the text written by humans can be read, that is, this machine can also scan and read hand written text, in which the work of reading data is done by light scanning method. goes.

5. OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)

Special ink or special font is not used in this device, OMR is an input device, which can recognize special types of symbols, it can also identify many types of symbols, that is, for 1 question There are some options and someone has marked the correct option among them, then by recognizing that symbol or symbol by OMR, tells the computer about it, in this also Light Scanning method is used to read the data.

6. Scanner

Scanner is used to scan any text document or image file, which is the input device of the computer, in which laser technology is used to scan and digitize the information, the file scanned by the scanner. It can also be edited, and can also be changed, so that the photo, text document can be scanned in high resolution.

7. Barcode Reader

Barcode reader is also the input device of the computer which is used to read the barcode, in many supermarkets or malls you must have seen that whenever you go to the counter to pay for a product, there is a computer. The operator scans the barcode on each product with a machine so that the price of that product is visible on the computer, this machine is called Barcode Reader.

8. Touch Screen

Touch screen is such a computer monitor so that input can be provided to the computer by touching the screen, that is, the way touch screens are mobiles, which can be operated by touching the screen, in the same way, the computer can be controlled by Touch Screen Monitor itself. can also be operated.

9. Joystick

Joystick Input Device is used to play games in the computer, it is a gaming remote, which has many buttons which can be connected to the computer, although the games can also be played through computer keyboard and mouse. But by using Joystick, playing any game is very easy.

10. Light Pen

Like Mouse, Joystick etc. Light Pen is also the Input Device of Computer which is used to select various information present on the computer screen and draw pictures on the screen.

Computer Output Device List

1. Monitor

A computer monitor is a television-like device, which shows the information coming from the CPU on the screen, it is known by many other names such as Screen, Visual Display Unit and CRT etc. Monitor is the important hardware of the computer. Because you see all the information on the screen of the monitor itself, all the information on the screen of the monitor whether it is numerical, alphabetic or in the form of pictures etc.

2. Printer

Printer is an output device which is used to print any file, document, images etc., it can make a hard copy of any file, printer gives output on a specially prepared paper on a simple paper. Is,

3. Plotter

Graph Plotter is such an output device that it is used to print any type of graph, design, photograph, etc. For this, a normal printer can also be used, but all the pictures from the plotter get a high degree of accuracy. Is.

conclusion –

What is Computer Output and Input Device, and how many types are there, computer is being used in almost all fields like business office, education etc., and work like preparing Resume, Presentation etc. can be done by computer only.

Friends, Computer Output & Input Device in Hindi must have been learned about it, if you liked this information and found it beneficial, then share it with your other friends on social media and visit our site for such new information. are.


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