What is Bounce Rate ? How to Reduce Bounce Rate [SEO Tips]

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Whatever the motive of creating a blog, but every serious blogger wants that his visitors come to his blog daily and carefully read every post written by him and stay on his blog for maximum time. To say if the bounce rate works, then let’s know what the bounce rate is and what it means.

If you are a new blogger and you also want visitors to stay on your blog / website for a long time, then understand that the time has come to check the bounce rate of the site.

The bounce rate is the Google Ranking Factor, which is very important to rank the post in Google. First of all you need to understand what the bounce rate is. So let’s first know what this bounce rate is and how it works.

What is Bounce Rate ?

Everyday new visitors will come to your blog, some from Google results, some from social media, some from referral links, but only some of them are visitors who stay on your blog for a longer period of time or sometimes return to your website. Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your blog but without clicking any page, they also return immediately from your site.

That means visitors came and went immediately, this is called Bounce Rate, the higher it is, the more people are immediately flipping from the website and that is as bad for a website owner. So just understand that it would be better for your site that if bounce rate should not be low as much as possible.

Top Reasons For High Bounce Rate

1- Design of Website in not Attractive

2- Delay in Website Loading

3- Design is not Responsive

4- Less Powerful Content

5- Lack of Content

6- Not having the Right Content

How to know Bounce Rate of your Blog/Website?

Google Analytics is a Google product through which you can easily find out about users like how many page visitors, where they coming from, which country and how many bounce rates are being received. With this, a lot of information like how long visitors are staying on which page. This think every blogger must use this product of Google. As I have told that you can track the bounce rate by doing it with Google Analytics, then you should be logged into your Google Analytics account.

By going to the reporting in Google Analytics, you have to go to the site content>All Pages, the complete information will be in front of you. You will be able to see how much percentage of visitors are going to bounce from your blog.

How much should the Bounce Rate be:

If the bounce rate of the site is more than 35%, then you need to be a little serious as your traffic is returning to your site due to some reason, which is not good at all. If the bounce rate is more than 50% then it is a matter of panic and you should start fixing it immediately.

The amount of effort you make the visitor to visit your website, and if he does not stay on the website, then our efforts will be in waste.

Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate:

#1: Attractive Web Design

Your readers are not developers, yet they have full sense of good and bad web design. If your web design is not organized, you may have used an eye-piercing colors or if you are running animation on the whole site, then change it.

Simple design will also be good if you do not have much knowledge about web designing.

#2: Superfine Content

Add content that has good information and keep the visitors involved. The visitor who wanted to know how to write good content, Will get the full information and superfine step-by-step guide for it.

# 3: Use of Multimedia

Use of images, Gifs, audio and videos to make your site look interesting and now a days infographics is in trend you can also use it.

# 4: By Reducing Load Time

Loading time is very important. For the bounce rate to work, no one likes to wait for the queue. If the site does not load quickly, they will close it. So take care of this, the site is fast loading and you can do proper use of the images and multimedia in the limit.

#5: Interlinking

Put links of previous posts in your articles so that your visitors can notice more posts. For example, you take this post, in which I could have possible wherever possible, have added a link to another post.

#6: Choose Right Keywords

It is very important to get the keywords right, if you have used the right keywords, then the right visitors will reach you and you will also see your interest on your site. Here is the information about the keyword and how to do it, and also what the keyword density is. To rank the top in search engines.

#8: User Friendly

User friendly means that the format of your post should be such that it is easy to read. The menu of the site is clear so that if the visitor of the site is to be called in the site then it can go easily.

#9: Mobile Friendly Design

A blog should be responsive, ie its availability should be for every device and every browser. Since 2014, most users browse the website on their smartphone, instead of opening it on the computer or on the phone, the design of the website has become very important in the current time.

#10: Long Articles

Write long posts, but keep in mind that the paragraphs are short. Nobody likes to read a big article, you will feel it to break it and see it written and your visitors will also read it easily. Your article should be 500–400 words. But it is not necessary that the article should be short. Means to write the article as long as you can. You don’t have to waste your time by writing nonsense.

#11: Commenting

If you have written a great article with great diligence and if you have any, then it is a straightforward thing when you will know that how did people find your article when they will comment on that article. Definitely say that by commenting, they found this information. It’s bounce rate will work, because even after reading this article, it will stay a little longer to comment on your site.

#15: Number of Post

One of the reasons that the bounce rate is high can be low number of post that is posted on your website. So if the visitor who will see the less option will go quickly from your website. For this, always Publish a great article on your Website. An article must be published on daily basis. Then you will know the benefit of regular updating your website.

#16: Use Search Box

It is very important to have a search box in the blog, because if a user came to your site and wanted to learn more about it from your blog, then the search box is only a way to search for it. If the search box is not there then saying no, he will also have to go through your website. This will increase the bounce rate.


So friends, till now you have came to know that what is the bounce rate and how can the bounce rate work. You can do whatever you can so that the visitors on your site stay on your site for the maximum time and the bounce rate of your website will reduce.

These were some basic tips to reduce the bounce rate of your site / blog. If you feel that useful information has been given in this post, then you should not forget to share this Article now. Also, if you also have a thought idea about working on bounce rate,  then tell it in the comment section.


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