What is Best Ways to Monetize Your Website With Good Your User Experience ?

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Everyone thinks that monetizing your Website, making money from it, monetizing your website, just reduces your user experience. It crushes it. So much that they are like, “oh no, no one’s going to come back to my website.” That’s not true. Hey everyone And today I am going to teach you guys how to monetize your blog without destroying your user experience. The 1st tip I have for you is avoid having too many banner ads. Look, if you have one or two banner ads, and they are relevant, that is not an issue. Limit banner experience to one or two per page. Do not do more than that, because then it just becomes a site full of ads instead of text. And if you have 1 or 2, and the ads are relevant, people will still click on them. The Main Reason most people have banner blindness is because all the ads they see are irrelevant. It is like, I don not want an ad for football when I am on a page about marketing. The ads need to be relevant. If you want to do really well, make sure your ads are always relevant. Only have some per page and not many more than that. If you have too many ads on a single page, it may not only just irritate your website users, but it is going to slow down your website time which does ruin your experience as well.

The 2nd tip I have for you guys is pop-ups do not convert well for sales, but they can work well for emails. So if you are trying to monetize your website, a lot of people are like, “oh just do pop-ups and get people to buy my product or service right then & there in the pop-up.” It is rare that pop-ups generate a lot of sales directly. Indirectly, they generate a lot of emails. So one best thing you can do in your pop-ups is offer a free resource in exchange for email, such as E-book, A landing page tool, Quiz, whatever it may be.

Good alternative to those spam my ad networks is using solo ads. It is a great alternative,and you will also find that the bigger ad networks like Google, of course they are going to be much more relevant in their listings than the smaller ad networks.

Last but not the least, before I wrap over this post, I want to go over some unique monetization methods that you are probably not leveraging that work well, that are not spam-my, and they tend to make way more money than just putting ads on your site. First, create a info product. Example of this is Cat Llynn’s Power-Up Podcasting course. It’s a great way to learn podcasting. The audience loves it, and he can sell it and make good money. A second monetization which works very well is coaching offers.

The fourth example, build a free or premium tool. If you are in the weight loss category, you can do a daily calorie consumption calculator, and then up sell them into diet app. I can do a free SEO audit tool and then up sell them into. You don’t have to market to your audience or anything like that. You just show up. You get to travel, experience the world, and you are getting paid.

So that’s it. Thank you for reading. If you need help monetizing your site, getting more traffic, please keep on checking our website we regularly add tips on these topic. Thank again for reading. Let other people know about it.


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