What are LTE and VoLTE and what is the difference between them?

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In today’s article, we will know what is LTE and VoLTE (What is LTE and VoLTE ), what are the benefits of VoLTE, what is the difference between LTE and VoLTE etc. So if you also want to know about all these then read this article completely.

What is LTE ?

LTE whose full form is Long Term Evolution is a 4G wireless broadband standard that replaces earlier technologies like WiMax and 3G. LTE is a 4G wireless communication standard developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) designed to provide up to 10x speeds for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and wireless hotspots.

One of its biggest drawbacks is that if a phone calls while running the internet in LTE, then the internet that is there is turned off. If we make a video call in LTE, then we have to take the help of third party apps like skype, whatsapp, google duo etc. The technology of LTE was first brought to India by Airtel in 2012.

What is VoLTE ?

VoLTE: Voice over LTE, here you can use both voice and data at the same time without disconnecting any data or voice band, that means both voice and data can be used on a VoLTE network . So if you are downloading a movie from internet using VoLTE network and you get a call at the same time then your data will still be active and not paused.

Benifits of VoLTE

So far we have known what is LTE and VoLTE (What is LTE and VoLTE in Hindi) and now we will know what are the advantages of VoLTE:

Better Calls sound

VoLTE enables high-definition (HD) voice quality that makes a mobile call sound as clear as if you were actually talking to a person.

HD voice uses a wider frequency range than narrowband voice services, which reduces background noise and amplifies callers, allowing callers to hear each other clearly.

With VoLTE’s superior call quality, users can have better conversations. For businesses, better call quality will save employees time and increase their efficiency.

Quick Call Connectivity

Circuit-Switch For voice calls over 2G and 3G networks, the time taken to establish a call with someone can be very long. Sometimes the delay feels like the call is not received at all. But with VoLTE, the call set-up time is greatly reduced so that people can connect with each other more quickly.

long lasting battery life

Compared to using over-the-top (OTT) voice over IP (VoIP) apps, VoLTE calls use less battery resources on the user’s phone. Nokia once tested a variety of VoIP apps and VoLTE clients to find and compare any differences in performance.

Test results showed that VoLTE used 40% less battery than VoIP apps. As many such factors and variables affect the battery life, VoLTE uses network resources more efficiently, which makes the user’s devices last longer on charge.

Difference between LTE and VoLTE

1.Voice Quality

LTE may or may not support voice and data services at the same time without affecting voice quality, thus it is less efficient than VoLTE networks, while VoLTE enables faster voice call set-up. If you are on VoLTE network, both the users will experience continuous call session.

2. Data Connection

In LTE, the network will turn off the data connection while making a voice call, whereas in VoLTE you do not need to turn off your data connection while making a voice call. While LTE is targeted to increase data rates over 4G bandwidth, VoLTE is targeted towards both voice calling and internet data without affecting each other.

3. Internet Dependability

Internet data must be enabled at all times to make free calls. Whereas on the other hand, in VoLTE, you do not need to enable internet data to make free calls.

4. External Software

Video calling over LTE networks requires external software such as Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. While you don’t need any external software to make video calls over VoLTE networks – you just need your phone number to make video calls.

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