Top 5 Best Pop-Up Ad-network in India (2021) | Which Generate More Money than Others

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Friends, if you running a website, if it is a blog website or news or tech website, then you use Adsense or for it, which gives the most revenue, no other ad-network can give you good earning but What if your Adsense is closed or your site is in a movie or any other category, then if this is the case with you, then we are not there to tell you, then you read our entire blog and we will tell you the best and latest website Keep the name with us. We have brought for you a list of such Ad-network website where you can earn well and earn maximum amount of money.

1- Galaksion

2- Ad-Maven


4- Propellerads

5- Adsterra


1. Galaksion Adnetwork

So on the first number in our list, whose name is that of the Galaksion website, this website is a very old website, whose domain registration is 2014. And this is a worldwide advertising network site which is very good, we have used this website personally, we will tell you the screenshot. This website which publishes ADS is in the ad formats, “Display Banner, Pop-UPS, Pop-unders, Tab-unders, Direct Links Offer-Wall Sliders, Interstitial, Instrument All-Roll”. Which are quite good but these are the best pop-aids which give you the best ravens. With which you should use its pop-under ADS.


2. Ad-maven Adnetwork

Now we go to the next website called Ad-Maven, these are also very good websites. Which will give you the same amount of money as Galaksion Network. You should also use this it is a good ad-network. Its domain registration date is 2012 which means it is also older than the Galaksion Internet. On which you can trust, who has more than 50 advisors. We have also used it personally, whose results have come out very well. In this too, you get to see a lot of aids in which the display banner, pop-ups, pop-unders, Native ADS, Floater ADS are available. The pop-up and native floater ADS of this network make very good revenue, which you should also use, I hope if you use this network, you will get a very good income from it.


3. Adnetwork

This ad-network is also used worldwide, its domain registration is 2010. Which is done to monetize your website all over the world, which gives a very good amount to publishers. If you want to use it, then you can also apply its ads in your websites. The very good income you can earn from the internet site.


4. Propellerads Adnetwork

This network is also very old, whose domain registration is for the year 2011, which means it is also a trustworthy network, you can also use it to earn money by putting its ADS in your website. Its ADS format is as follows. Push Notifications, Onclick Ads, in-page Push, Native Interstitials. You can use optical ads for pop-under ads in it, which generate the most revenue. This is a very old network, which you also need to try, it can also give you a very good income.


5. Adsterra Adnetwork

The next name in our list of best networks is that of Adsterra, this is also the best network whose domain has been registered for the year 2012. And its formats include Display Banners, Leader Board, Rectangle, Skyscraper, Popunders, Direct Links, Pre-roll Video, Push Notifications, Interstitials, its Pop -unders Ads are also amazing which make great revenue. You can also apply its ADS. This network provides a wide range of formats which I have mentioned, you can develop ADS according to your website, which can make your website better and you can use it.



Friends, whatever i told these networks are all Genuine networks and Worldwide networks. Depending on the traffic of your website, these networks may give slightly different rates, but you should try using all these networks and you should use them in your website which is giving you very good income. So thank you for reading this article “Best of Luck.”


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