Top 2 Best Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online Just Sitting at Home from Internet

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Hello Guys, you must have known how much the use of internet is increasing nowadays, every work is happening through internet. Recharge is done online from mobile net, we can shop online, see online results, and much more .. The easiest way to earn money sitting at home from the net is the way the use of these Indian Internet is increasing, if only then After a while, all the work will be done with the help of internet. Because Internet can easily crack everything. Option to earn money online is also increasing, undefined we can easily earn money sitting at home with the help of internet. There are many ways to earn money from the internet, but today, we will tell you about 3 ways to earn money. I am there and there is no risk in them.

Some Comman [FAQ] Answers

#1- Is there any risk in earning money from the internet?

Yes you can earn it easily. And if you talk about risk, many sites on the Internet are also fake, which can cheat you, so you have to be careful.

#2- Does one need a degree to earn money from the internet?

No degree is required to earn money from the net, but yes you can earn money from the net whenever your interest. Suppose you have an interest in cooking, then you can make your website and put your recipes on it.

#3- How much money can you earn from the internet?

Every person who meets me asks me, if it is possible that he should also be successful. The simple answer is undefined there is no limit to earning money from internet. The reason for this is that it is not a job, it is a business in which you can earn millions or even crores or you may not earn anything. But the advantage here is that you will not get any reduction and you will have to learn something new.

#4- Is it possible to earn money with the help of mobile or computer is also necessary?

This question is also asked me most often, I am tired of answering it. But there is no fault of the asker as well, because he only has a mobile. Money can be earned from mobile, but not in a month, only so that your mobile can be spent, even if you make a huge effort, in simple terms, you will need a computer. If you do not have a computer, there is no need to be monotonous. You can do your work by going to the Net Cafe (Internet Cafe). The true story of a friend of mine undefined is a friend of mine who did not have a computer and also his house. The condition was not such that he could get a computer and a net connection, so he had created his puzzle website on the net café and he started running so much that a cup-bearer told him that so made a website but when he told the company, He cannot make it because he does not have a computer, so the company gave him a laptop gift with money to build a site. This proves that if there is any talent inside you, no one can stop you.

Start from where to earn money from internet?

There are many ways to earn money from the internet, but I will tell you about my favorite 2 ways from which I am earning and I have also posted many detail posts on my site.

1- Blogging
2- Youtube

We can earn money from the Internet only when we do the work of our choice, because if you do not have interest, then you will not be able to do that work properly, because of this you cannot be successful in it. The first thing is to see your interest. What is the most and what you like. As i tell you some topics –

1- Cooking Food
2- Comedy
3- Singing/Acting
4- Technology
5- Tip and Tricks
6- Product Review
7- Story’s
8- Home Decoration
9- Sports (Cricket, FootBall)
10- Or Whatever your Interest In

1: How to Earn Money from Blogging Sitting at Home

First of all, you have to create your own blog. is the simplest and best for this job. Click here to know how to create a blog. After you create a blog, you have to put a nice post on it. Puzzle post, how Dell’s basic information is here. Arrange the post correctly. In the post, add a link to your other post and work by image. If 1 image is equal to 1000 Sabbad then you must add the image wherever needed. Design your blog well and upload a nice template and add widgets to it. Facebook Twitter Google page to increase your blog traffic Make and add their widgets to your blog. Whenever you post, do share it on social sites.

Blog SEO is also very Important Visible in search-

1- Add Unique Meta Tags to you Blog.

2- Add Meta Description to every post in the blog.

3- Submit Sitemap, add a Sitemap to Google.

4- Add your posts to each other through links so that your blog’s visitor will also visit other post on your Blog.

Now it comes to How to Earn Money from a Blog –

You also created your own blog and put a good post on it, and also made the blog a good design. Visitors are also coming well on the blog. So now you are all set to earn money. The best way to earn money from blogs is on Adsense, their rules are very strict and very difficult our account is approved on it. After getting approved, you can earn money by putting his AIDS code on your blog. As you can see, my site is also engaged. But it is very difficult to get approved and if you do not have an account due to Jersey mistake, then you can use Bidvertiser. In Biddvertiser, there is little work from advertising, but nothing works.

2: How to Earn Money from Youtube Sitting at Home

YouTube is a video sharing site on which we can upload our videos, share it with the world and also make money from videos by applying ADS on the video. To start earning money from YouTube, you must first connect YouTube to AdSense.

1- How to upload videos on YouTube

2- How to upload videos from Mobile OR Computer

In addition to YouTube results, and who is sharing a lot of information about youtube and blogger so that you can use them easily and earn maximum money. Blogger and YouTube have full posts on us. If you have any support, then definitely ask in the comments and if you have a subject for us, then also tell them how we can be made better for you.

If you like this article Top 2 Best Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online, If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends too, and if you have any question for us, write it in the comment and tell us.


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