Install Zorin OS 16 – Step by Step With Screenshots

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This guide illustrates how to install Zorin OS 16 – Step by Step With Screenshots. With Linux standing out over other operating systems with its ability to have multiple distributions which can be developed from each other, there is a distribution called is Zorin which was developed from Ubuntu 20.04 and aims to be a perfect replacement for macOS and Windows systems in design and environment issues. Zorin OS 16 was launched recently with many exciting features and an amazing desktop layout similar to Windows 11. It is not much heard but it exists more in the US Department of Defense and the International Space Station. Here it is most preferred due to its reliability and security with many functionalities.

Zorin 16 has the following features:

  • Simple to use due to developed and renewed appearance.
  • Has performance optimizations.
  • more applications available for installation in the software store.
  • It has FlatHub as a standard repository for getting apps installed through the Flatpak package format.
  • It has the FlatHUB, Snapstore abd APT repositories. It is also possible to install .deb and AppImage packages.
  • It has a new desktop design similar to Windows 10X
  • It has better compatibility with fingerprint readers.
  • Te integrated telemetry and tracking have been disabled in Firefox making it safer web browsing.
  • It has a flicker-free boot experience.
  • It has the new Jelly Mode.
  • It has the progress bars and unread message badges on the taskbars.

Note that Zorin 16 OS is available in the following 3 versions.

  • Pro version – this version is for Advanced Users.
  • Core version– for basic usage
  • Lite version – for old computers

The Pro version is payable while the core and Liter versions are free to download. Choose one that best meets your requirements.

System requirements to Install Zorin OS 16

To install Zorin OS 16, please ensure you meet the below requirements:

  • Memory above 2 GB.
  • Storage Space above 15 GB.
  • Dual Core Processor.

Step 1: CreateZorin OS 16 Bootable Media for Physical Installation.

Download Zorin 16 OS from the official release page. Here, you can choose between the 3 available versions i.e Pro, Core, and Lite for download. Remember to choose a version that meets your system requirements.

Having downloaded the ISO file successfully, you have the below options on how to create bootable media in order to install Zorin OS 16 on a physical machine.

  1. Ventoy- this is a Linux apllication used to create bootable disks. See this article on how to create bootable media with Ventoy.
  2. Rufus- this application is used to convert a disk into bootable media supported by Windows and maCOS operating systems.
  3. woeUSB for Linux. See morein the guide on how to create a bootable USB drive with WoeUSB
  4. For macOS users, Etcher can be used to create bootable disk as illustrated in this guide on how to create a bootable disk with etcher

There is a simplified way for Linux users to create bootable media. On the terminal, issue the below commands to create a bootable USB drive.

# Identify USB device
$ sudo lsblk

# Flash Zorin OS 16 to USB drive
$ sudo dd bs=4M if=./Zorin-OS-16-*-64-bit-r1.is0 of=/dev/sdx status=progress oflag=sync

above, replace /dev/sdx with the path of your USB stick and /Zorin-OS-16-*-64-bit-r1.iso with the path of your Zorin OS 16 ISO download.

Step 2: Create Zorin OS 16 VM – In a Virtualized Environment.

Using VirtualBox, Xen, XCP-ng, or VMware in a virtualized environment you will be required to create a virtual machine meeting the specifications in order to install Zorin OS 16.

Install Zorin OS 16 on VirtualBox

For those using VirtualBox, creating a VM for Zorin 16 is done in the below steps.

First, create a new VM by clicking on New. Proceed and assign a VM name and the type of Operating system as shown.

Install-Zorin-OS-16-–-Step-by-Step-With-Screenshots0A (1)

Then assign memory to your VM from the total system’s memory.


Next, create a hard disk for your Zorin OS 16 VM.


After creating a virtual hard disk as above, select the type of hard disk in the next step.


Now we are required to set how we want data to be stored on the physical hard disk i.e fixed size or dynamic in that it grows in size as data is stored.


Then finish disk creating by setting the disk size for your Zorin OS 16.


After this step, you will have your Zorin OS 16 VM created. Next, we are required to load the downloaded Zorin OS 16 ISO file to it.

This is achieved by navigating to the VM’s settings then select storage.


Click on the disk below Controller: IDE, then navigate to the storage location of your downloaded Zorin 16 ISO and mount it to your VM.

Install Zorin OS 16 VMware Workstation / Player

For those using VMware, the process is not different. create a new VM by clicking on Create a New Virtual Machine as shown.


Select the machine configuration to use. I prefer typically since it is easy to do the settings.


The next step requires us to mount the ISO file for Zorin OS 16. Click on Browse to load the ISO file.


Then select the type of Operating system for Zorin OS 16.


Set a name for your VM.


Set the disk size for the Zorin OS 16 VM.


Then you will be granted a preview of the Zorin OS 16. Here you can make adjustments to your system by clicking on Customize Hardware.

Install Zorin OS 16 – Step by Step With Screenshots

Finish the VM creation and the machine will be ready for Zorin OS 16 Installation.

Step 3: Begin Zorin OS 16 installation on PC | VMware|VirtualBox

Insert the created bootable USB drive to your physical machine and modify your boot priority option to boot from the USB drive.

For those installing Zorin OS 16 in a virtualized environment i.e using VirtualBox, VMware e.t.c you are required to power on/start your VM. The installation should begin as below. Choose “Try or Install Zorin OS” option and hit “Enter


In the next screen, you have two options, whether to install Zorin OS or try Zorin OS. The panel on the left displays the default language. However, you can alter this by selecting your desired language. Click Install Zorin OS and proceed as below.


Then select your preferred keyboard layout


Proceed to the next window of updates and other software. Here, you choose whether to install updates in the installation process and also install third-party software. If you don’t want updates and software during this period uncheck the respective boxes and continue.


Choose the installation method, you are given options such as Install Zorin alongside other OS, erase disk and installsomething else(in order to create custom partitions for Zorin OS)


In this guide, I will use erase disk and install Zorin OS option. Click on advanced options and choose ‘Use LVM with the new Zorin OS installation’ then click ok and proceed.

In the next step, write changes to the disk.


Then select your date and time from the list displayed.


Create a user account. Set username, and password for your Zorin system.


Sit back, relax and wait for the Zorin OS 16 installation to complete.


With the installation complete, restart your system. During this reboot period for those installing Zorin OS on a physical machine, unplug the USB drive to avoid booting into it again.


For VirtualBox and Vmware, you need to power off the VM, unmount the ISO file then power on the VM to enjoy Zorin OS 16 features.

Step 4: Post installation Zorin OS 16 Basic Configurations

Login to Zorin OS 16 with the created credentials.


On successful login, you will see this.


You will be welcomed by this tour, to get to know the OS, once done continue as below.

Launch apps by clicking on the “Z” icon on the far left of the taskbar as below.


Launch the terminal from the App Menu. Let’s try to update our system. Since it uses APT repositories we will issue:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

Sample Output:


Let us now try installing and application. Here we will install vim, one of my favorite text editors.

sudo apt install vim

Vim text editor will be installed as below:


Congratulation! You have successfully installed Zorin OS 16 on your system. This is the end of our guide on how to install Zorin OS 16 – Step by Step With Screenshots. I hope you enjoyed it.


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