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Best Motivational Speech on Consistency

Speech on Consistency: If success is achieved by jumping in the field of success and you do not understand how to jump, then my advice is that you jump.

You might slip and hurt yourself, but you’ll be in much better shape than people who are still waiting to jump.

After reaching the ground of success, if you keep playing there continuously, then it is sure that you will also take care of yourself and also find new ways of success.

It is also certain that one day it will come that the success will be yours and when you look outside the field you will find many people waiting to jump on the field.

Some of these people will also be those who came with you to jump into the arena of success but are still waiting to jump.

Friends, in this Motivational Speech on Consistency, I will tell you two such success mantras, without which it is not possible to achieve success.

Success Mantra for getting Victory

Let us first know about these two success mantras-

1- The first success mantra is that to win in the field of success, you must first jump into the ground. Of course, beginning is the most important thing to be successful.

2- The second mantra of success is that to win in the field, you have to keep playing there continuously without stopping. That is, continuous efforts are also most important to be successful.

If you use these two success mantras to get success then no one can stop you from winning.

Let us understand a little more about these two things in this inspiring speech so that the matter can be more clear.

Planning to achieve success and starting the process of that planning are different things.

Most people fail not because they did not plan well to succeed, but because they never started following their own plan.

People never start walking on the path of success. There are many reasons why people are unable to start.

But more important than knowing the reason, how to start for success? (How to start for success)

I think you too would love to know more methods than reason. That is, you would definitely like to know how to jump into the field of success?

Let us know this-

How to Start for Success

1- After doing all the necessary planning, it is necessary to start now but most of the people think about this from where and when to start.

2- There is no special time to jump in the field i.e. to start but still the best time to do any good work is- Now

3- After making planning, there is no need to think, just start immediately. Once you start, the planning you make will tell you the way ahead, where and how to go.

4- “I will do it from tomorrow.” “I’ll do it on a date.” “Today is not a good day.” Or “I will do so from then on.” All these are nothing but making excuses. So throw out such excuses and weaknesses of the mind from your mind and start over.

5- If you want to start, do it now. There is no auspicious time to start success, but the moment you start it becomes the auspicious time.

6- When you jump into the field of success, then the paths start appearing. Only then you can identify which is the right path and which path to avoid. So start now.

When you have already started your journey to be successful, then let’s talk further. After jumping into the field of success, you have to keep on learning and moving forward.

How long to keep going? You have to keep on moving until you get the destination i.e. success.

Along the way, you will find many things that will tempt you and will try your best to distract or deter you.

At this time you will find another mantra useful. That mantra is- Consistency means to walk continuously on the path of success without going astray.

The biggest reason for the defeat of those who lose in the field of success is the lack of consistency. If it goes on moving continuously at a uniform speed without going astray without stopping, it is called consistency.

Let us know how to maintain consistency for success so that you can get the pearl of success-

How to Maintain Consistency for Success


1- To maintain consistency it is most important that you have a blueprint to reach success. It is very important for you to have a right and good planning.

2- To maintain consistency, you have to stay away from the distractions on the way. You have to stay away from all kinds of distractions. By staying busy in your work, you can avoid wandering.

3- Consistency is to keep your eyes on the goal like Arjuna. You should not see anything around other than your target.

4- To maintain consistency, you have to maintain a balance between your body and mind. For this you should do Daily Exercise and Meditation.

5- To maintain consistency, you must have the passion to achieve your goal.

To maintain consistency, it is very important to generate self-motivation in you.

7- You can use your willpower to maintain consistency.

Whatever happens, today and from now on you should start getting success.

You may want to start in a simple way, but when you achieve your destination after continuous efforts, there will definitely be an explosion whose voice will be scattered all around and will be heard by all who know or do not know you.

Also those who were waiting for you to succeed or those who were waiting for you to fail.

So what is the delay, start from now, keep going, achieve success and make a big bang.


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