How To Remove WhatsApp Blue Tick (Disable Read Receipts Option)

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On WhatsApp, users get the option of Read Receipt, so that whenever you send a message to someone on WhatsApp, then when that person has read your message, then you know, in simple words, the Blue Tick appears on the WhatsApp message. If yes, then it means that your message has been read, but if you are searching about how to remove WhatsApp Blue Tick, then you are in the right place, here you have to turn off or disable Read Receipts. I am going to tell.

How to Disable Blue Tick on WhatsApp?

The number of online messaging apps is increasing because nowadays everyone prefers to chat online instead of text message because in this you get the option to chat, on Facebook and Instagram when you send a message to your friend or someone. So when the person to whom you have sent the message sees your message, then you see Message Seen written.

Similarly, when your WhatsApp message is read, a blue tick appears on that message, this option is called Read Receipts, although it is a very good feature that also improves your Chat Experience. Because with this option you can find out whether someone has read your message or not,

But some people do not like the feature of Read Receipts, because they do not want the blue tick to appear on the message, as you must be aware that when your friends send you a message on WhatsApp and you see their message, then you They have to reply, so even if you see your friend’s message by removing WhatsApp Blue Tick, your friend will not know about it, because Blue Tick will not show in the message, so you can never see your friend’s message later. can reply,

How To Remove WhatsApp Blue Tick (Disable Read Receipts)

There are many apps available on the Internet to remove the Blue Tick of WhatsApp, but without using any app, you can remove the Blue Tick because WhatsApp has the option to enable or disable the Read Receipts option, so any app in your device. No need to download and install other apps, WhatsApp Read Receipts is a very amazing feature

Because with this you can check whether someone has read the message or not, along with this, who has seen your WhatsApp status, you can also see who has seen your WhatsApp status, users also get the option to post their status on WhatsApp, in which You can share your status in photo, video, text etc.
And this status is automatically deleted after 24 hours,

And when your friend sees your status then you get to know about it through Read Receipts, and can see who has seen your status, but when you disable Read Receipts to remove WhatsApp Blue Tick then it will help you. Also, Blue Tick will not show on the message, and who has seen your status will also not be able to check it.


How to remove WhatsApp Blue Tick?

  • First of all, you have to open WhatsApp Messenger in your mobile, after that you have to click on the 3 dot option, after that some options will appear, out of which you have to click on the setting option.
  • Then you will see options like Account, Chats etc., out of which click on the option with Account.
  • Here you will see the option with Privacy, click on this option.
  • After this you will see the option with Read Receipts, this option will be enabled, and it will be written as If Turned Off, You Won’t Send Or Receive Read Receipts, Read Receipts always Send For Group Chats, that means if you have Read Receipts option. If you turn it off, then you will not be able to send and receive read receipts, that means blue tick will not appear on the message, along with this read receipt is always sent in group chat, that means if you send someone’s message in WhatsApp group If you do a scene, your Read Receipts will also appear there, here you have to disable it by clicking on the Read Receipts option.

Conclusion –

How to remove WhatsApp Blue Tick, by the way, there is an alternative app of WhatsApp also available on the Internet, in which there is an option to disable Double Tick along with Blue Tick, whenever you send a message to someone, you must have seen that Double Tick That is, Second Tick is visible, right now there is no option in WhatsApp to Hide or Disable Second Tick.

But WhatsApp provides the option to Hide Blue Tick and you can find it in the Privacy option, enable and disable Read Receipts as well as select Privacy of Last Seen, Profile Photo, About etc., That is, if you want that only your friends ie contacts can see your WhatsApp Profile Picture, then you can select My Contacts in Profile Picture,

With this only your contact will see your photo, other than them you will not have WhatsApp Dp Show, this is a good way by which you can apply privacy in your WhatsApp DP, similarly in Last Seen also you will get Only Me, Everyone , My Contacts option is available, from which everyone is already selected, instead of this, you can select My Contact, so that only your friend or contact can see your last seen.

Friends, you must have learned about how to remove WhatsApp Blue Tick, if you liked this information and found it beneficial, then share it with your other friends on social media and keep visiting our site for such new information.

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