How to reduce Video Size and MB (Best Video Compress App)

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In mobile, many people store large size videos so that their phone’s storage is filled and the device also starts working slow, so I am going to tell in this article how to reduce the video size, by the way, high The size of Quality Video is large because Pixels are also more in it, but if the storage of your device is less.

And if you have 1GB or 2GB size video store in your mobile, then you can store only 5 to 10 videos in your device, and many people also store photos, documents etc. in the device, so the file in your device is very much. If you are using storage, then I am going to tell you the video size reduction app, using which you can reduce the full storage of your device.

How to reduce MB of video?

Whenever you record a video from your mobile, after recording only 5 to 10 minutes, the video size can be 500MB or more, and if you share your videos with your friends on WhatsApp, Telegram etc. Because of the video size, it also takes a lot of time to share, so many people search on the internet about how to reduce MB, although the size of the video can be in GB,

But having GB or MB size does not matter, and reduce its size, Photo Editor is used to reduce the size of the photo, so that you can reduce the Width and Height in the size of your photo. You can reduce its size by doing this, in the same way if you have a video of 1080 pixel in your mobile, then you can also increase its resolution to 480 pixel or 240 pixel, this reduces the video size, for this you can also use online website. But here I am going to tell you about the app to reduce the size of the video.

How to reduce Video Size and MB (Best Video Compress App)

There are many video editing software available for computer, using which video size can be reduced in seconds, but if you are a mobile user, then there are many video editing apps available on the Internet, using which you can edit from your phone. And in most editing apps, users get the option to select the quality of the video,

By compressing the video, you can easily share it on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter etc. And this also spends less on your mobile data, on the contrary, if you share a large size file, then it will increase your mobile data. The data is more spread and the file takes more time to be shared,

There are many apps available on the Internet to reduce video size, but only a few of them work properly and I am going to tell about 2 apps from them.

Download Video Size Reducing App

Video Compressor Mp3 Converter is a good app using which you can compress your video and reduce its size, its special thing is that by maintaining the resolution in it, you can reduce the video size, along with it there is an option of mp3 converter as well. It is available so that you can convert your video in MP3 format itself, it supports many formats like 240P, 480P, 720P etc., and option is also available to increase or decrease the speed.

  • First of all download Video Compressor Mp3 Converter App in your mobile, Android users can download it from Google Playstore.
  • After downloading and installing this app on the phone, open it, after that some options will appear, out of which click on the option of Trim & Compress.
  • After this, you will start seeing all the videos of your mobile, whichever you want to reduce the video size, click on it and select it.
  • Then you will see your video and its resolution here and here after the video is compressed that MB can also see, you have to click on the Compress icon in the right side.

Right now you will see the option of Save to Gallery here, click on this option, after that the process of compressing the video will start, and after the process is completed, your video size will be reduced and saved in the mobile gallery.

How to reduce video size

There are many apps available to do video editing for mobile too, which can edit in a professional way, and using which the video size can also be reduced, Vn Video Editor is also an amazing editing software in which professional editing can be done. Many options are available for Multi Layer Timeline, Curve Speed, Green Screen, Key Frame Animation, etc.

  1. First of all download Vn Video Editor App from Google Playstore in your mobile.
  2. After that open this app, here you have to click on the plus icon
  3. Then some options will appear, from which click on New Project, and click on the video you want to reduce the size of your mobile gallery and select it, and click on the right arrow.
  4. After this your video will be visible in the editor, and many options will be visible, but you do not have to use any of these options, just click on the Export option.
  5. Then in Export Setting, the option of Export Original will be enabled, by clicking on this option, you can disable it and instead of 1080P in the resolution, you can select 720P, after that select 25 in FPS and select High in Bitrate, which will be selected by default, and Then click on Right Mark.

After this the processing will start running, and then the size of your video will be reduced and saved in the gallery, which can also be shared.

Conclusion –

How to reduce video size, in this way, if the size of the video is 500MB, then after being compressed, its size becomes 100MB, you must have known about how to reduce the MB, the size of the video, its resolution, FPS, Bit Rate etc. Therefore, the size of the recorded videos is more because they have higher resolution and higher quality.

Friends must have learned about how to reduce video size, if you like this information, then share it with your other friends on social media sites and keep visiting our site to read more such posts.

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