How to Record Voice in Computer? Recording Voice in Windows 10

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Software is used to do photo editing, video editing and many more things in the computer, but do you know that you can also record voice in the computer and this option is available only in Windows, for which you have to No software has to be downloaded in the computer,
Sound Recorder App is already given to record voice in mobile,

And in some mobiles, this app is named Recorder so that you can record audio from mobile, this audio file is stored in your device in a folder named Recording in Phone Storage or Sd Card Storage, and you can share it with your friends. You can also share it with, like mobile, the option to record sound is also available in computer so that you can record voice in computer and also share the recording file.

How to Record Voice in Computer?

If you want to record your voice in computer, for sound in a video, or want to do audio recording for a song, then the option to record voice is available in Windows computer, just like taking screenshot in mobile. There is an option for this, in the same way there is an option in the computer called Snipping Tools so that you can take screenshots in the computer too, and for this you do not have to use other software as well.

Adobe Photoshop is a great software for editing photos in a computer, so that photos can be edited in a professional way, and many people use this software to edit their photos, and likewise to do sound recording. There is also a lot of computer software available on the internet, but here I am not going to tell you about any software.

Because in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 of the computer, the option with Voice Record is available inbuilt, in Windows 7 this option is available in the name of Sound Recorder, while in Windows 10 there is an option named Voice Recorder, using which you can create your voice. You can record it, and also record its sound by connecting a microphone to a computer or laptop.

How to Record Voice in Computer? (How to Record Voice in Windows 10)

To record audio or sound in a computer, the Voice Recorder option has to be used, with this the audio you record is stored in the Sound Recording Folder of the computer’s hard drive, many people use this option to record audio. This allows you to sing in your voice, or record audio for video on social media,

There are thousands of software to record voice in computer, but in this the option is available for recording without software, and you can connect microphone in computer or laptop and record sound from it, and with this you can record the recording. That too is in good quality.

How to Record Voice in Computer / Laptop?

Here I am going to tell you how to record voice in Windows 10 computer, but if your computer has Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you can still use this method.

  • First of all go to the Desktop of your computer, here you will see the icons of software and apps on the desktop, you have to click on the Windows icon.
  • After this, you will see many options here, and you will see the option of Search Bar, you have to search by typing Voice Recorder in the search bar.
    Note – In Windows 7 and Windows 8, you have to search by typing Sound Recorder.Then you will see the option of Recorder, you have to click on it.
  • After this Voice Recorder will open in your computer, and here you will see the option of Recording, clicking on it will start recording, and to stop the recording you can click on the icon with this microphone again, When If you do recording with this Sound Recorder, then you also get the option to pause the recording, so that you can stop the sound recording in the middle, and can also start the recording again from the same.

Conclusion –

How to record voice in computer, everyone knows about doing sound recording in mobile because app is already available in mobile for this, in computer too many options are available like mobile, in this you also get Wifi. So that you can run internet from your mobile to computer, and can also share files, that is, you do not have to connect mobile and computer to USB cable to run internet or transfer files, And you can also record voice in high quality in computer,

With this, you can record your voice as well as record songs, and you can also record voice for social media videos or YouTube videos, when you do sound recording in computer, your recording is recorded in the Folder containing Documents. Where you can see your Recording Lists, which you can copy, move, share and delete, by the way, Voice Recorder only shows your recording and also shows the option to delete it.

Friends, you must have learned about how to record voice in computer, if you like this information. If you liked it and found it beneficial, then share it with your other friends on social media and for more such new information on our site. Keep visiting.


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