How to make Mobile a Computer Mouse / Wireless Mouse (Best Method)

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If you use a computer, then you must know that any type of task in the computer is performed by the computer mouse itself, that is, it is an important input device of the PC, which is visible on the screen, by the way, keyboard and mouse. Both are important because the keyboard is used to type any text, but the computer mouse is more important than the keyboard, because to open any kind of software in the computer or open the PC Drive. To do this a mouse is needed and without a mouse the computer cannot be operated,

But is there any way so that mobile can be made computer mouse, then I am going to tell about this, almost everyone uses smartphone because many types of features are available to the users, also connected mobile to PC. And in this you also get the option to do Screen Cast, so that you can see the screen of your phone on the computer, this feature comes in the phone by the name Screen Cast / Screen Mirroring, through this Wifi The same mobile screen can be cast to another device,

That is, for this you do not need to connect the other device to the mobile to USB cable, and in this article also I am telling you about making the mobile a wireless mouse, for which you will not have to use any USB cable. And without using the cable, you will be able to use the phone as a computer mouse.

How to make Mobile a Computer Mouse?

As you must be aware that most people use Wired Mouse in their computer, although they also come with Wireless Mouse, but only a few people use them, although both Keyboard and Mouse are Input Device and both are used for Computer. It is necessary for this, but most people use the keyboard for typing, although if you are using any software, then even there you use that software from the keyboard,

Many keyboard shortcuts are also available in Photo Editing and Video Editing Software, so that you can do video editing in that software only with the keyboard, but people who do all the work in their computer with Computer Mouse, such as a program or Opening software, creating files and folders, playing audio and video, etc., but sometimes the computer’s mouse does not work properly, or you may want to.

How to make Mobile Computer Mouse / Wireless Mouse?

Do you know that you phone’s screen can be used as a computer mouse, that is, the way you use a mouse in your computer, in the same way you can use it from mobile, that is, simple In words, you can make mobile a wireless mouse, and run your PC with it, for this you want to use the app in your mobile,

There are many apps available on the Internet for Mobile to Computer Mouse, but in this article I am going to tell you about only one app, in which you can run the mouse from the mobile, along with this, the keyboard of the computer can also be changed into Wireless Keyboard. That is, you can also use the keyboard from the mobile, and you can also type in the keyboard.

How to make Mobile a Wireless Computer Mouse?

  • First of all you have to download app named Remote Mouse from playstore in your android phone, this app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people and its rating is 4.0.
  • After downloading and installing the Remote Mouse app on your phone, open it, here you will be told that you will also have to download the Remote Mouse software in your computer, here you will see its link, which you will need to download the URL of your desktop browser. You have to type in the bar, and then press the Enter key in the keyboard, after which you will see the software with remote mouse, which can be downloaded.
  • After this you have to open Remote Mouse App in your mobile and its software in Computer.
  • Then the name of Computer Wi-Fi will start appearing in your mobile, you have to click on it, keep in mind that your mobile and computer will be connected on the same WiFi network, only then you will see the name of Wi-Fi here.
  • After this your device will be successfully converted into a computer mouse and a green screen will appear in the mobile, you can use this green screen as a mouse, that is, from here you can access Mouse Cursor in your computer. Left, Right, Up, Down can be done, here you will also see the option to click Left and Right, from which you can open any App, Files, Folder in the computer, apart from Photos, Videos, Document You can also copy and move etc.

Conclusion –

How to make Mobile a Computer Mouse, Screen Cast can also be done in the computer through WiFi in the mobile, so that the mobile screen can be seen on the desktop, similarly apps are also available to control from one device to another on the Internet. So that you can remotely control other mobile or computer from your mobile.

Friends, you must have learned about how to make Mobile a Computer Mouse, if you liked this information and found it beneficial, then share it with your other friends on social media and for more such new information on our site. Keep visiting.


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