How to Install Windows 10 From a USB Flash Drive Step-by-Step Guide

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Hello Everyone, I am back again with a interesting post. I’m going to guide you how you can install or setup Windows 10 in any computer or laptop using your USB pen drive. So the process is really simple and I will show you all the methods. So, follow every steps –

First of all you have to just go to this website this link I will provide the link in the Here so don’t forget to check that out so here you have to just come down and here you have to come to create Windows 10 installation media and then click on download tool now. So, I have already downloaded the tool so I will not download it again just right just double click on the tool you have downloaded right now ok as you can see I am double clicking so here they will say getting a few things ready wait and then here click on agree and then again here you here you have to select create installation media ok then here select next and here you have to uncheck the box and that they will say your Windows version so if you want to know what is your Windows version then just go to your this computer or my computer and then right click on your my computer and then click on properties okay just wait a bit and as you can see my Windows version is 64-bit.

Preparing the Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive

I am choosing the 64-bit version so it is 32-bit or 86 then you choose the 32-bit version, then here select next and then here the select USB flash drive. Just Select USB flash drive so now just take the pen drive and insert it and format it make sure you format your pen drive as you can see I’m formatting my pen drive so your pen drive should be totally formatted. Now just go to your installation here and then click Next and remember your PEN Drive need to be minimum 8 GB, please make sure your pen drive is 8 GB. Here just as you can see your pen drive name will here available so my pen drive is Drive I so as you can see it is showing.

Installing Windows 10 With a Bootable USB Flash Drive

Here just click now click on you have to click on next ok so now they will say getting a few things ready and now just wait and now they will start downloading your Windows 10. The download process will take a while depending on your internet speed obviously so just be patient and after installing finish they will give you a prompt and then click finish and take the pendrive out. Now just take your PEN drive and insert the pen drive into the computer you want to install Windows 10.

How to Install Windows 7 From a Bootable USB Flash Drive

Then just turn on your computer and keep pressing on your boot menu key so your boot menu key for HP laptop it is f10 and for Dell Acer Asus or Toshiba it is f2 for Lenovo it can be f1 or f2 just search your manufacturer boot menu key on the internet, after finding the boot menu key then you have to just turn on your computer and keep pressing the boot menu key for my case it is F10 so I will keep pressing on f10 so then I will be redirect to here my boot window or my BIOS. Here I have to select system configuration, I have to select boot option so you in your case it could be boot option and you can’t find system configuration so don’t worry we need only the boot option so let’s go to your boot option then here just select enter and then here you have to here make sure that the USB section is at the top ok USB Drive is at the top so how can you do that you can see here change values so in my case it is f5 or f6 so if I press f5 or f6 and selecting my USB Drive then it will beat the top ok.

Keep Your Bootable Windows Installation USB Flash Drive Safe

So just here as you can see I have moved it to the top so you have to make sure that it is on the top so you have to just change the value of your USB Drive by pressing whatever it is saying then here it is saying f10 and it will be save and exit. I will press f10 and then press yes so now my PC will start installing windows 10 so here just select your preferred settings and then just click on next okay just here you can change it so here click on install and now your Windows 10 your setup will start.

Serial Key Sectional or License

In this section they will ask for your product key so if you have a genuine windows and you have the product key then please put the product key of your genuine windows and if you don’t have a product key and click on I don’t have a product key and don’t worry you can activate it later I will provide a video in the description and also in the I button about how you can activate your Windows 10 so don’t forget to check that out so now here just select Windows 10 Pro or you can select other version as your wish so don’t worry about that so now here just click on this tick mark and then click on next and here is two sections so the upper section is for if you want to upgrade from any windows to a next windows and you want to keep all the files same.

The second option it is that you will install a clean windows you will format your hard disks and everything and you don’t have existing any data so I will completely clean my hard disks and start from scratch so if you want to keep your files then click the upper up the top and if you want to clean form click clean everything then just click the second option so here just select the partition or hard disk partition you want to install your Windows 10 on and then obviously click Next and you can obviously help create new drive or format any Drive you wish to so this is a pretty basic option so now here you have to just wait for a bit now this process is the most time-consuming process it could be around 20 minute or 30 minute or even more depending on your computer so just be patient.

Now your PC will shut down so now at the first you have to eject your pen drive or take out the pen drive you don’t need your pen drive anymore okay just make sure you have take out the pen drive out of your computer or your laptop so now just turn on your computer and don’t press any button okay just wait and do your PC its job and just wait for a bit so now they will say just a moment and then you have to here select your region so just select your region and then here just click Next so now they will again say just a moment so just be patience so now there you have to select your keyboard layout so then you here you can just skip this part you don’t need to worry about that part so now just bit and wait and now they will say you to connect to a network.

If you have a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection you can connect so now here you have to select on personal or professional so I am choosing person also here you have to sign in with your Microsoft account so if you have a Microsoft account then put your Microsoft account here I don’t have right now so I will choose offline. You can choose offline one and then you can put your name and everything so now you will be redirected or Windows 10 desktop so as you can see this is our Windows 10 desktop.

We have successfully installed Windows 10. Hope you guys Enjoyed this post and learned something new from this post. If you have any question or any suggestion then let me know that in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading 🙂 .


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