How To Install Virtual Machine from ISO on oVirt / RHEV

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Want to install a Server / Virtual Machine from an ISO file on oVirt or RHEV Virtualization platform?. oVirt is a free and open-source virtualization solution for designed for running large-scale and mission critical workload on production environments. oVirt provides kernel-based virtual machine management for multi-node virtualization servers. The initial design was to be the best open source alternative to VMware vCenter.

RHEV is a Red Hat Virtualization solution created from oVirt with few modifications in branding and additional features. With RHEV, you get support from Red Hat if you have an active subscription.

So let’s see how you can create a new Virtual Machine / Server on oVirt or RHEV from an ISO file.

Step 1: Upload ISO image to ISO library

You should have created an ISO storage domain on RHEV/oVirt before doing ISO upload. To get the ISO location path, navigate to Storage Storage Domains > iso_library > Path


Get the Path then upload the ISO to the image directory.

$ ls -1 /export/nfs/iso/d125a4b7-7c11-4957-a1f9-865a10fc9fc3/images/11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111/

Step 2: Create a new Virtual machine on RHEV / oVirt

After ISO image upload is complete, go to Compute > Virtual Machines > New


Add VM details such as CPU, Memory, OS, Network interface e.t.c.


You can further change resources assigned to VM under “System” section.


Under “Boot Options” section, attach your OS ISO image for installation.


Start a VM after creation and open console with remote viewer application.


The standard OS installation screen should show in the next screen.


Follow the next installation prompts to complete installation of your operating system on RHEV / oVirt Virtualization platform.


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