How To Install Free SSL Certificate From Cpanel

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Now Google has started showing the website without SSL Certificate as Not Secure, if you have not yet installed SSL Certificate on your website just because SSL Certificate is expensive or you do not know how to install it, then do not worry, this post is for you only, where But you can install a Free SSL Certificate on any of your websites without spending a single penny.

In today’s modern era, everyone is making their website, out of which some people are making their blog on Blogger and some people are making their blog on WordPress to get more features, in which some people who make their website on WordPress are looking for good and cheap hosting. Where they can get a free SSL certificate, although Google has given the facility to install free SSL by clicking on Blogger, but if WordPress users buy SSL from anywhere, then at least 700 rupees will be spent for a year and if Cloudflare If Free SSL is installed on their site, then their Server Response Time increases and website starts opening a little slow but what to do for free and there is no option because Google has also told SSL as SEO Fact then if website If you want to rank then it is very important to install SSL on the website.

Well today we will tell you how to install SSL certificate on any of your Self Hosted Website for free without spending a single rupee.

Why do you need to have to install an SSL certificate on the website?

To apply SSL Certificate on website or blog, you must have Domain and Web Hosting and without both of these your blog or website is incomplete, then assuming you have Domain and Hosting, then get ready to install free SSL Certificate on your website. For.













How to Create SSL Certificate for Website or Blog?

Step 1: To Generate Free SSL, go to

Step 2: Verify your domain.

Now you have to verify your domain, in which you can verify your domain using any one of the 3 options shown, here we are going to tell you how to verify your domain with the third option Manual Verification (DNS), if If you want to know how to verify the domain with both the options, then tell me by commenting below.
Now you have to click on Manual Verification (DNS), after that you have to click on Manually verify domain. After clicking, you will get TXT Record as shown in the photo below, you have to add it to the DNS Zone in your Cpanel.

  • Just like you see TXT Record in the photo above, you will find TXT Record in Sslforfree’s website, you have to add it by going to Zone Record in your Cpanel.
  • Now you have to check by clicking on both the options of Verify whether your domain has been verified or not.
  • If both the options are visible, then you can proceed to the next step, if it is not visible then you should wait 15 to 20 minutes.
  • After Domain Verify, click on Download SSL Certificate, now your SSL Certificate is ready, now you can install it on your website.

Step 3: Now your Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate is ready download.

  • By clicking on Download All SSL Certificate Files, you can download Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for free, for convenience, do not close the SSL Certificate page and open your Cpanel.

Step 4: Login to Cpanel to set up Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate.

  • Now click on Manage SSL Sites.

Step 5: Install SSL Certificate in Cpanel.

  • Select your domain on which you want to install SSL Certificate.
  • Copy the certificate from and put it in the first box of Cpanel.
  • Copy the Private Key from and put it in the second box of Cpanel.
  • Copy the CABUNDLE from and put it in the third box of the Cpanel.
  • Now click on Install Certificate button.

After installing the certificate, it may take 5 to 30 minutes due to browser cache for SSL to appear on your website.










Now you have installed Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on your website blog, this certificate is valid for 90 days, after 90 days you have to renew this SSL Certificate, after that the validity of SSL Certificate will increase for 90 days. You cannot renew SSL Certificate for more than 90 days, that is, you can renew it only for 90 days at a time.

In this post, we have told how to use Free SSL Certificate on our blog, if you have any problem related to SSL Certificate, then definitely tell through comment.


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