How To Increase Followers On Instagram (Get 10K Real Followers Daily)

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Instagram is a Photo & Video Sharing social media app on which you get many features, you will know about how to increase Instagram followers, how to increase Instagram followers, users can also chat and video call with friends on Instagram social media platform. Chat group can also be created

In which you can add more and more friends and can chat with all your friends simultaneously, there is also an option to share stories in which you can put your story in photos and videos or text etc. You can also mention friends in your Instagram story.

You can post photos and videos on Instagram and anyone can like and comment on them, and if someone likes your post, then he also follows you, there are many ways to increase Instagram followers, about which this I will tell in the article, to be popular on social media platform, it is necessary to have followers, the more followers on social media, the more popular it is also considered.

If you have more followers on Instagram, then likes and comments are also good on your post, because when people see your post, then they like it and if you have good followers on your Instagram account, then your post is visible to more and more people. Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and videos

In which now users also get the option to make short videos, if you want to make a different identity on the internet and want to become an internet celebrity, then you have to be famous on social media platform,

Almost everyone wants to increase Instagram followers, because the more fans there are, the more famous they become, when you create a new account on Instagram, there is not a single follower on your account, but you post regularly on your account. And if they remain active, then the followers also start increasing, many people also post daily and remain active, yet their followers do not increase, then there can be many reasons for this.

How To Increase Followers On Instagram (Get 10k Followers Daily)

Many people search on the Internet about how to increase Instagram Followers, increasing followers on any social media platform is not easy and neither is it more difficult, there are 2 ways to increase followers on Instagram which are Real and Auto Followers. That is to say, when someone likes your profile and likes the post you shared, then they follow you on Instagram, and whenever you share a new post (photo and video).

So he also likes and comments on the post shared by you, it is called Real Followers, on the contrary, when you increase followers on your Instagram account by using any app, then whenever you post a photo or video on your account. So they do not like and comment on it and are not active, they are called Auto Followers,

Here I am going to tell you about both the methods, but one thing is to be noted that to increase the real followers, you have to be active on Instagram, post regularly, complete the profile, use of hashtags. You have to use etc and in auto follower you do not need to do all this and in a few minutes your account increases from 100 to 200 followers.

10 Ways To Increase Real Followers On Instagram

To increase real followers on Instagram account, you do not have to use any app and you can gain followers on your account without using any app, and in this way, active Instagram followers increase so that you have no one on your account. Even if you post photos, videos, then they also like on it and give their feedback by commenting, similarly if someone likes the post shared by you, then he also shares your post with his friends. .

1.Complete Instagram Profile ( Add Bio & Profile Photo )

When you create a new Instagram account, you are asked to add a profile picture, some people do not pay attention to this option and do not put a profile picture on their account, but this should not be done, because if you have a profile on your Instagram account. If you do not put a picture, then your friends will not know about your account, even if you enter your name, you have to add a profile picture with it because the same name can be of many people, along with this Instagram But the option of Bio is also available but most people do not know about what to write in Bio, so do not fill this option but in Bio you have to write about yourself and you can write anything in it, here But you can also tell about your work or job, I have made a post about it which you can read.

2.Regular Posting

To increase followers on any Social Media App, one has to be active on it, and post regularly because when you post regularly, people like it and by being active on your account, you can increase followers. When you post daily by being active on your account, then people like the post shared by you and they also like and comment on it, similarly if people like the post shared by you very much, then they Also share it with your other friends so that your Instagram followers also increase.

3.Use Hashtag On Post

As you must be aware that your post is visible only to your followers, so people who post continuously on their Instagram account also do not grow followers as fast because they do not use hashtags in their posts, Hashtag The feature is found on almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., and you can also follow Hashtag on Instagram, when you use trending hashtags in any of your posts, then your people can see it, That is, your post is also visible to those people who have followed that Hashtag, on Instagram you can use hashtags according to your post, if you use Instagram Hashtag then it will give many likes to your post. More comments also come, and the post reaches more and more people.

4.Follow Celebrity & Famous Personalities

Verified Profiles get Blue Badge on Instagram and you must have seen Blue Tick on many Celebrity accounts, if you follow Celebrity on Instagram then people also follow your account, because the number of Fan Following Millions of Celebrities and many people also see their followers and if they like your profile then they also follow you, similarly if you follow celebrity then whatever new post they make then about it You get to know, and you can like and comment on it, many people also read the comment in the post and if you comment well then people like your comment and also visit your profile. And if they like your profile then they also become your Instagram Followers.

5.Instagram Tag / Mention

On Instagram, users also get the tag option, using which they can add friends to their posts, this is a very good way to increase followers because when you tag friends in your post on social media, then your post is your friends. You can see that post, in the same way, you can also mention your friends in the comment, in the feature of Instagram tag, everyone is selected, that is, you can see anyone. You can tag in your post and anyone can tag you on Instagram, if you do not want anyone to tag you, then it is also told in the post about closing this tag, but in this article to tell about increasing followers. I am, and followers can also be increased by tagging / mentioning your friends in the post on Instagram, the followers of any friend you tag also see your photo or video.

6.Public Instagram Account

You can select Private & Public Account on Instagram, when you select Private Account, only your followers can see your Photos, Videos, Highlight Stories etc. and whenever someone sees your profile, it is written as Private Account. looks and when someone follows you you get his follow request

Which can be accepted and rejected, on the contrary, after selecting a public account, everyone can see your photo, video, highlight, and anyone can follow you, in this you do not even have to accept the follow request, when you If you select Public Account on Instagram, then your post is also visible to all the people, so that more and more people follow you on Instagram.

7.Make Instagram Reels

On Instagram, users also get the option of Reels, in which you can upload and create your short videos of 15 seconds, this is a very good way to increase followers on Instagram so that you can increase from 10k to 100k followers and more followers. Because if the reels made by you become Viral, then many people also follow you, through Instagram Reels, you can also reach your talent to the people, by recording your talent in short video by doing Singing, Dancing etc. You can share together, if people like your video, then they also like it and can also follow you, to increase followers through Instagram reels, funny, entertainment etc. can make related short videos from any category. Is.

8.Add Local Location In Post

When you make a post on Instagram, there is also an option with Add Location, if you write your location in it, then those Instagram users also see your post which is from that location, in simple words, then the location is called On adding, your post is also visible to Nearby People who are active and many of them also like and comment on your post and also follow, in this way you can also increase followers by adding location to the post.

9.Post In Trending Topics

To increase followers quickly on Instagram, you have to post on trending topics, the topics on which many people post, all those topics become trending and you can increase followers by posting on such topics, if you in your post on Instagram. If you use Trending Hashtag, then it is visible to many people, for example, if you use a festival related Hashtag in a post, then any user sees a post related to that hashtag, then he also sees your photo or video. And if he likes your post, then he can also follow you.

10. Share Instagram Stories

You can also post photos, videos and text in Instagram Stories, it is automatically deleted after 24 hours, you can share any photo or video of yours in Instagram Story which can be seen by your followers, in this Mention to your friends And many options are available in Stories like Sticker, Music, Location, Question, Hashtag etc., using which you can make your photo or video even better.

Download App to Increase Followers on Instagram

There are many apps to increase Instagram followers but there are very few apps that work and most of the apps are such that we have to pay for using them, but the app I am going to tell you about.

It is free i.e. you will not have to pay any kind of charge to use it and it is working now, its name is real follower + it has been downloaded by 500 thousand people so far and its rating is 4.8.

  • How To Increase Instagram Followers App 2021

  1. First of all you have to download an app named real follower pro+ in your mobile.
  2. Now after downloading and installing this app, open it, then here you will see the option of open Instagram app, click on it
  3. Now the login option will appear here, click on it
  4. You will be asked to enter your username and password, here enter your Insta username and password and click on login.
  5. Now now you will be successfully login in this app now you have to earn coin here there is 2 method to earn coin 1st you can earn coin by following any other Instagram user and like any post and 2nd you buy coin can do. The 2nd method is paid but here I am going to tell you the free method, then click on mine coin to use the 1st option.
  6. Now the coin mine process will start, it takes some time i.e. gradually your coins will increase and when you have 100 coins in your account then click on stop and click on the option with Redeem on the 2nd number.
  7. Then here you will be told that 1 follower is equal to 3 coins, now here take the starting point of this line to the end point and click on Get followers now.

You have successfully submitted the follower request, now wait for some time i.e. 2 to 4 minutes, automatically the follower will start increasing on your Instagram account as you can see in the above screenshot.

In this way friends, you can easily increase 1000+ followers on Instagram. Here you must have noticed one thing that the following has increased along with the follower, so if the following increases a lot on your account i.e. you start following a lot of people, then you can unfollow them simultaneously in one click. I will tell about this in my next post, you can subscribe to our site to get notification on email.

Important –

When you increase your Instagram followers by using this app, then you must logout from this app and also change the password of your account, you must have known about the ways to increase Instagram followers, to be popular on any social media platform. It is necessary to have good followers, increasing followers on Instagram brings more likes and comments on photos and videos.

Friends, if you liked this post on how to increase followers on Instagram, then share it with your friends and keep visiting our site for more such internet related information.


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