How to Increase Adsense CPC ? Top 10 Best Tips Step-by-Step

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Hello friends, if you are an Adsense user, then this post can be of great use for you. In this, we are going to tell you “How to increase Adsense CPC?” For this, I will tell you 10 tips, by which you can also increase adsense earning by increasing your CPC.

There is no doubt that Adsense is the best advertising network. This is the first choice of new bloggers. Apart from this, Adsense is also known for high CPM rates which allow users to have high CPM ads in their blog. It pays more than all other ad networks. I see that mostly, the first target of new bloggers is adsense. First, they think that they will earn good money easily from adsense and when adsense gets approved then they are worried about earning.

Actually, to earn more money from Adsense, we need to know about some things. Today, we are going to tell you about one of those important things. Today we will talk about CPC. With this we will also tell some tips to increase CPC.

Mostly, the new blogger does not know about it. Earning is less because of their low CPC. adsense give CPC ranging from $0.1 to over $50. Normally, the CPC of adsense in India is very low. Due to which most bloggers do not earn more than their blog.

Before getting started, we need to understand a lot about CPC.

What is CPC?

CPC means coast per click. If we talk in simple terms, then how much money does Adsense pay you with a click, this is what we call CPC. Adsense gives its users $0.1 to $50 + CPC.

If you want to calculate CPC, for this you divide your total earning by total ads click and after that the quotient will be called your CPC. That is, how much money you have received for a click. For this you can remember the formula.

Adsense CPC is very low in India. Due to which Indian blogger or youtuber are not able to earn much money. In fact, sometimes CPC $ 0.0 starts appearing. If we talk about other countries like America, UK, then the CPC here is very high. The revenue of Adsense does not just depend on your CPC but there are many other factors that affect the earning of adsense. We will talk about this in an upcoming post, currently we are giving some tips about increasing adsense CPC here.

How to Increase Adsense CPC? Top 10 Ways

1: Get Organic Traffic

This is the most important factor for increasing adsense cpc. If you get organic traffic from search engine and that too especially from countries like USA, UK and australia, then it generates more revenue. If traffic is coming from countries like USA, UK, Canada in your blog, then you can earn from $ 2 to $ 5 in one click. If the same ad is in India, then its CPC is only 20% or 30% from them. Therefore it is most important that you try to get traffic from these countries.

When a user searches for a keyword and visits your site, the ad slot will show only ads related to his country in your web page and this affects your CPC. Many people also take help of VPN but it is not recommended. Because adsense does not allow this and when it finds out, then disable the account. So you have to take care of it as well. Otherwise, many people wash their hands from their AdSense account in order to increase CPC.

2: High Paying Niche

Now this is the second most important thing which makes a lot of impact in our CPC. On which topic you are writing content in your blog, CPC depends the most on it. Because our blogs have ads show according to the keyword.

If your blog is on a good niche then you can make a good income even in low traffic. You will get to see many such examples which make good money even in very low traffic. All this is possible because CPC is also good because their niche is good.

Write posts on the trending topic in your blog and also increase engagement by sharing the post in social media. With this it is also very important to use high paying keywords in the post. If you use good keywords, then related ads will show in your website.

3: Using “text ads” & “image/rich ads“

It is not necessary that only image ads attract attention of visitors, but also according to many adsense publishers, text and link ads are also very important. This helps to generate more revanue.

Many people use only display ads in their blogs and they think that more clicks are not received on text ads or link ads. This is his misunderstanding. If you tell any good adsense user, they will tell you to use text ads along with display ads. It also helps to improve earning by improving your CPC.

In my case, I use more link ads in my blog than display ad and according to me I get more benefit from link ads. The link ads within the post always perform well.

4: Adsense ADS Placement

Adsense CPC depends a lot on the ads placement of your blog. Because I have said in the above that our posts also show ads according to the keyword. In such a situation where the ads show, the keyword is also around it.

Often, new users make mistakes in this, due to which their earning is not much. If we place ads properly, then we can increase our revanue from 30% to 50%.

To place ads, I have already written many posts. Therefore, I would like to mention here in short. The header performs better at the beginning of the post, in the last of the post and display ads in the sidebar. Apart from this, you can also show some display ads within your post. You can show ads in the first and last paragraph in a post. Use only text and link ads within the post. Apart from this, I would like to tell you that by applying ads in different places according to yourself, and find out where you get better results.

5: Balance AD Units with Content Length

This is believed to be the biggest reason for adsense cpc decrease. Most new people insert too many ads in their posts in the greed of earning more money. Normally, we use 3-5 ads in our blog posts, but that is also according to the length of our content.

Some people write 500 word posts and show 5 ads in the same. This is the biggest reason for its cpc to be low. If your blog has very less information and you will display many ads in it, then your irrelevant ads will be shown there. This makes your cpc low.

6: Use Single Advertising

By the way, it does not allow Adsense that you use any other advertising network with it, but if someone still uses multi advertising network, then it will decrease your revenue. Adsense is really good and it also offers very good cpm to its users. So do not try to use any ad network with it. Otherwise your cpc will be very low.

7: Block Lower Paying Ads

It is very good for adsense users that they can block low paying ads from their adsense dashboard. With this, he can increase his income many times. This greatly helps in increasing your cpc. For this you can login in the adsense dashboard and see which types of ads you have less earning and you can block it.

8: Quality Content

As we have been hearing from the beginning that “content is king”, you should always write a post on a topic that can solve your readers’ queries. To write a post in your blog, first do some research and try to know what people want to know more about.

If the quality of your post will be good, then you will put few ads in it, yet you will have a very good earning. But if the quality of your post is not good, then you will also put a lot of ads in it, then there will be no benefit. So always try to give your best to your readers.

9: Your Domain

This is also a key factor that cpc depends on the domain of our blog. Because our domain tells about the content of our site. So while taking domain, keep in mind that our domain should be related to the blog’s niche. Apart from this, you also try to use the keyword in your domain.

10: Fraud Click

Some people somehow approve their adsense account and then when they are not earning a husband, they want to earn money by clicking on their own ads. People who do this, think that adsense has no news about it.

Adsense is a very big company and hundreds of employers work in it. They know about every activity of every adsense user. Many times they leave Adsense deliberately and then leave them by giving warning or temporary disable.

If you click on your ads by yourself or with other relatives, then this will reduce your cpc a lot. Because adsense knows who is interest ads click and knows about fraud ads click.


Now in the last I would like to say that if you follow these 10 tips well, then I am sure that you can increase your adsense cpc from 30% to 50%. With this you can also increase your adsense revenue.

I hope this post has proved useful to you. If you have any questions related to this, then comment below. If you liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends in social media.


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