How to Get Product for Free to Review on YouTube Channel

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Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you in post something that most people do not tell, how you can get the product for review for free from Now I am going to give you some information regarding this, let’s know how –

So the requirement for this is that you should have a Facebook page with 5000 thousand Likes. If you do not have a page with Facebook likes, then you must have a YouTube channel with 5000 thousand Subscriber.

So now I will tell you how you can get the product from for free. For this you have to open a website called

Now you did not say that till now Alibaba was there, now it has come from where Alimama, let me tell you that it is also a product of Alibaba, people just like Google products are.

Note: website is in Chinese Language, to open in English visit

Alimama has 1000+ products that you can connect to. And you will get some paid product reviews here and some products will also be available for free.

After this, when you click on the button of CONNECT WITH BRANDS NOW, a new page will open in front of you, where you will be asked whether you can signup with YouTube or signup with Facebook.

If you click the submit button, then all the products will come to you for promotion and review. If you guys want, you can let the clicks on paid opportunities and if you get the money for product review, then you can also do so.



In this, Ali Express, Ali Baba are all assembled, you can select any product and promote them.
Now you can see that the availability of this product is 10 and 5 Applicants and its commission rate is 20%. And if you want to do review of their any products, then send a proposal from them, whose proposal they will like, they will give them the product for review.

The way to take the product is very simple, just click on Submit Proposal, then you will see some such screen, then you have to enter your shipping address and then you have to tick Reason on YouTube and enter the reason why you should give this product Reason and then write it properly. Submit the proposal to those who will like it, they will give it to the product review and if you have more subscriber on your channel, then you will get free sample of the product soon.


When you they will select, you will get a mail and will tell you that you have been selected for the review of the product.
So, I hope that you will like this post, if you like it, then share it now and if you have any questions, you can comment and ask. We will try to Answer every question.

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