How to Earn Money from Games – Know How to Earn Paytm Cash by Playing Games

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Are you also looking for a fun way to convert your free time into fun time?… And also earn money?… So you will be surprised to hear how you can earn money by playing games That is money game and money making game .

So let’s know what is the way to earn money by playing the game now and how to earn money from the game about making money.

It is a very good way for game enthusiasts to earn money by playing games. There are many apps on the internet through which you can earn money by playing games. Know about the apps that earn money by playing games.


#1- Bulb Smash


The app, which earns money by playing this game, has been launched in 2014. The rating of this game is 7.5, which you get 10 rupees immediately upon downloading. In this, you have to register your name, now you will get 400 coins, you have to start playing games with them. The more you play, the more you get its money. With this you will earn 300 rupees every 30 minutes. This is a new app, so your earning will be more and you can also earn by inviting your friend. In this, you can also withdraw at least 10 rupees. You will not see any AIDS on Bulb Smash App, this ad is free app.

#2- Whaff Reward


You can earn money by playing games on this app by downloading the money making game. There are more than 10 million users using Wafford Rewards. This application is used not only in India but in many places. As soon as you install this app, you will have to login with Facebook, after which you have to enter an Invite Code in the Invite Code which gives you 40 rupees. Now you can invite any of your friends and here you have been given some apps which you can make money by installing.

#3- Swagbucks


The app that earns money by playing this game gives opportunities to earn money in various ways. In this you will also be given rewards which will be ready made by Major Retailers of Starbucks Amazon Walmart for Prices and Gift Cards.

You can do the earning in the best way by playing Swagbucks like – by playing Swagasaurus Run and Swag Memory Free Game.

There is also a daily limit for how many swagbucks you can earn from each game, so you can play back every day to increase your earnings.

#4- Swag Iq


Do you like the thrill of a game show? .. Watch free swag app to check your knowledge on live trivia game show. If you answer all the questions correctly, then you can earn a Grand Prize and Cash. In the True Game Show format, you will be presented with a series of trivia questions and multiple choice answers for each question.

You will be given only 10 seconds to select the answer. You have to select the answer before 10 seconds is over, otherwise you will not win the Grand Prize. So through these apps, you can do your earnings and win the prize too. If you also do Paytm, then you have a very good chance to earn Paytm cash by playing the game, which is being told you further.


How to earn money from online games (How to earn money by playing games)


Till date you must have used Paytm to pay it online, but have you ever heard that you can earn money by playing games through Paytm?. If you have not heard, then we are giving you an information whose Through you will be able to earn by playing games and earn Paytm cash. Paytm is India’s online payment system. With the help of which we can transfer money from anywhere at home. If we have Paytm Cash, then we do not face any problem. This thing can also be true if you play the game with the help of the website mentioned above.

We are telling you a website with the help of which you can earn Paytm cash from the game. The name of this website is “Liveincome” This is an Indian website. With this you can earn Paytm Cash in many ways. like-

1- Share Your Friends

2- Complete Task

3- Play Games

4- Sign Up On Website

5- Daily Log In


If you do not do any work on it and only play games every day, then you can earn Paytm cash of Rs 2000 every month. Now know how to create an account on Liveincome.


1- Go To Website

2- Enter Your Details

3- Enter Your First Name

4- Enter Your Mobile Number

5- Enter Email Address

6- Create Password

7- Gender

8- Captcha

9- Sign Up

10- Verify Your Account

Verify your account with him. Just now you will be able to earn 500 rupees a day by playing a game on Liveincome. So for this too, a money-earning app has been created.


How to Earn Money playing Games on Phone


Now, with the help of an application “Nostra Pro”, we will tell you about earning Paytm cash by playing the game. So know what is the way to earn money through this app’s through game.

Download App: First of all you have to download this app “Nostra Pro” in your mobile.

Log In Account: People after downloading and installing these accounts, first of all you have to login into this application. You can login through Facebook or Google account.

Enter Your Details: After entering enter your data login, you have to enter your name and phone number here. Enter your Paytm number here. Now a tip will come on your phone number, put it here and verify your number.

Account Create: At the same time you will get 20 rupees as soon as you create the account. You are logged into this application. Now we are telling you how to use this app further.

Open App: Open open the app. You will see a lot of games in it. You can participate in any game you want to play.

Select Game: If you select cricket, then you will see a lot of matches. Which is also going to happen on that day and you will also see the count down how much time is in the match. We are telling you by selecting cricket here.

Answer The Questions: There were answers, you will be given some questions here, you have to answer them. For every question you will get 2 options out of which you have to select one. If your answer is left then swipe left and right then swipe right.

PowerUps: You will also get 3 powerups, you can also use them.

Join A Contest: Join Contest After answering all the questions you have to click on Join Contest. To join the contest, you have to pay the entry fee. For this, you get 20 rupees for downloading and joining the link given. Which you can use here.

After the contest is over, money will be added to your account which you have won. And in this way you can draw Paytm Cash. With this application you get 20 rupees for referral, meaning every time someone else downloads from your link, you will also get 20 rupees and he will also get 20 rupees. After having 100 rupees, you can withdraw these money into your Paytm account.




So in this way you can earn money sitting at home without playing a game.

In today’s post you have learned many ways to earn money like…

1- How to earn money through the app.
2- How to earn money by playing game

3- With this, you also learned how to earn money from Jio Game

How did you like friends, comment this post in the comment box. So when you start making money by playing games, comment. Do share this post with your friends too. If you are connected on social media, you can share on Facebook Instagram Whatsapp etc. Thank you

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