How to do Voice Typing? Know about the voice typing app on Whatsapp

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Today we are going to tell you what are the apps for writing voice on WhatsApp and with this we will also tell you how to do voice typing on WhatsApp because nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp but there are many people who have a message. There is trouble in typing, for this you can easily type voice with the help of your voice by using Google keyboard on WhatsApp. If you also want to know how to do Voice Typing in Hindi for WhatsApp, then for this you can go to the Google Play Store and download the voice typing app or WhatsApp.

Today’s modern technology has made everything very simple, earlier we used to type by hand or get it written by someone. But nowadays with the help of technology, there is a lot of such software available on the Internet of Hindi Voice Typing in Whatsapp. Now today if you ask anyone to type a message on WhatsApp or Hindi Mein Bol Kar Batao, they will quickly reply through Voice Typing.

All people want that we should not read to type anything and automatically type in our phone like any email to be sent, message to be typed, if it is automatically typed in our phone then it can happen. With the help of Hindi Voice Typing in Whatsapp application, you can easily send a message to anyone in Hindi Mein Bol Kar.

Whatsapp Par Bolkar Kaise Likhe For this, you just need to have its software in your phone, it is a converter that converts voice to text, if you want to get more information about How to Voice Type in Hindi in Whtsapp then we Will give you complete detailed information about this.

How to do Voice Typing

All of you people must have used voice typing in your mobile many times or you must have done typing in it. Because typing takes more time and if you use voice typing then your work will be done quickly and you will not have to work too hard. You will easily find voice writing apps on the Internet and on the Google Play Store. Today your Android mobile can do many things that your laptop and PC do. Voice typing is a converter in which whatever we speak is automatically typed, with the help of this you can do voice typing in Hindi voice typing and many other languages ​​apart from English. Let us now tell you how to do voice typing in WhatsApp from any application.

Voice Writing Apps

In today’s time Voice Writing in Android is very simple for this you need to download a tool in the phone. For this you can follow the steps given below by us:

Download Application

First of all open google playstore on your phone and download google keyboard there.

Enable Google Keyboard

After downloading, open it in your phone and enable Google Keyboard from setting. If you want to type with Voice, then open it, for example, we open Google Messenger.

Tap On Mike

When you open Google Keyboard, then Mike’s symbol will appear in the right side, click on it.

Language Select

After clicking on Mike, go to Settings and select the language and save it there.

Start Speaking

After selecting the language, go to Type again and click on Mike. After clicking on it, typing will start as soon as you start speaking.

Steps to do Voice Typing

You can type the language in which you want to type by speaking on WhatsApp. The language in which you will speak will be typed in that language, let’s know about how to type by speaking on WhatsApp:

Open Chat

First of all, you open your WhatsApp and open any chat in it.

Open Message Keyboard

Here you have to open the keyboard at the bottom where we type the message.

Click On Small Mike

You will see a small mic symbol beside it, click on it. After that whatever you say will start typing. In whatever language you speak, it will be typed in that language, but for this you will have to do some setting.


You will see the setting icon in the left side of the mic, click that, after that a page will open in front of you.

Select Language

Here you will get to see the option of Languages. Click on it, here you will see many types of languages, among them, select the language in which you want to type by speaking and save it.


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