How to Delete Instagram Call History? Delete Audio & Video Call History

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After creating an account on Instagram, you can find your friend in it, follow them, and you can also chat with them, in this you get the option to chat in text message, along with this you can voice and video You can talk with your friends on Call, you must have noticed that whenever you talk to someone on Instagram on Voice and Video Calls, it appears in Calls and many people want to delete their Instagram Call History. But there is no option available for this, the way you can delete your chat,

You cannot delete Calls in that way, but with the way I am going to tell you here, you will not have to delete Calls again and again, but in your Instagram chat option, the option of Calls will not be shown, that is, That you can Hide Instagram Call History, when you chat with someone on Instagram, it appears in the Chat option, by clicking on which you can also delete the chat.

How to Delete Call History from Instagram?

Calls History on Instagram shows the calls of all those people whom you have talked to on Voice and Video Call, by the way, this is a good feature so that if you talk to someone on Video Call or Voice Call and that is your Instagram Friend. If not, you can call him again by checking Call History, and on Instagram as well as WhatsApp, users get to see the option of Calls, you must have seen that whenever you make Voice and Video Call to someone on WhatsApp.

So that Call History is visible, and there is also an option to delete Calls on WhatsApp, but no option is given to delete Instagram Call History, on Instagram if you talk to someone on the call and you Do not want anyone to know who you have talked to, so calls have to be deleted for this, so that even if someone sees Instagram in your mobile, he will not see the calls, remove the option of users calls on Instagram can.

How to Delete Instagram Call History? Delete video and Audio Call History

I am going to tell about 2 methods to delete Call History on Instagram, with the first method you can delete Call History automatically and with the second method you can create a professional account so that the option with Calls is removed, And both the methods are very simple, on Instagram, users get the option to create a personal account and a professional account, a professional account, also known as a business account, any user can convert his personal account to a business account in a few minutes, In this, users get more features

As in this, you can select the category of your account, such as Actor, Influencer, Writer, Video Creator etc. You can choose the category of your choice from many categories, apart from this, many contact options are also available, and Professional. Creating an account is free, one thing to note here is that you cannot make a professional account private, and it remains public and it also makes your profile look good, so that people also follow your account.

How To Delete Instagram Call History?

  • First of all, open the Instagram app on your mobile, after that go to the inbox of any of your friends who want to delete their Instagram Call History.
  • After this, swipe up the chat, then Vanish Mode will be activated.
  • Now you will message or chat anything and after closing the chat, that chat will be automatically deleted, similarly the video or voice call you will make will also be automatically deleted.

By activating Instagram Vanish Mode in this way, you can automatically delete Call History, its special thing is that it is very easy to activate Vanish Mode, it can be easily enabled, and can also be disabled.

How to Delete Call History of Instagram?

  • After opening the Instagram App in your mobile, click on the Profile Icon, here after clicking on the menu option, select the option of Settings.
  • After this click on the option of Account, here you will see the option of Switch to Professional Account, click on this option.
  • Then you will be told about the professional account, click on the Continue option.
  • Here you have to select a category for your account, you can choose any one category like Artist, Community, Writer, Editor etc. After that click on Done
  • After this 2 options with Business and Creator will appear, out of which you have to click on the Creator option, and click on Next.
  • After this your professional account will be created, now only the options with Chats and Requests will be visible in your account, the option with Calls will not be visible.

Conclusion –

How to Delete Instagram Call History, many people prefer to make video calls from social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram instead of making video calls from mobile, and can add all the effects of while calling from Instagram, and in this Along with making video calls, you also get the option to make voice calls, and in the option of calls, you can see all the people you have called.


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