How To Delete Computer Hard Disk Partition?

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There is a hard drive to store data in the computer, in which users keep photos, videos, music etc., by the way, you must know that only 2 hard disk partitions are available in the new computer, which are C Drive and D Drive. Similarly, whenever you install any Windows in your desktop computer, even then the same computer hard disk partition remains, and when people need more hard disk partition to store data, then the size of these hard drives should be increased. We make a new drive by reducing it, and give it any name, but if you have created too many drives in the computer,

And if the size of your computer’s hard disk is not large, then you will not be able to store all your data in one drive, and if you have reduced the size of C drive, then you will not be able to install more software in your computer. , and your computer will also start working slow, so by deleting Computer Hard Disk Partition, you can increase the size of your computer drive, and get more storage to store your data too.

How to Delete Hard Disk Partition in Computer?

As you would know that just as there is internal storage in the mobile, in which all the apps, games, music videos etc. of the phone are stored, in the same way there is a hard disk in the computer, it contains computer programs, videos, audios, documents etc. All the files are there, and the operating system of Windows is also installed in C Drive, by deleting the Computer Hard Disk Partition, whatever you delete the new drive, it will be added to the other drive, that is, you delete the Computer Hard Drive. It does not make any difference to your computer, only the size of your drive increases,

If you want to do Hard Disk Partition in your computer, then I have told about it in one of my posts, which can be read in the Computer category, the way you can see the storage in File Manager in mobile, which includes phone storage and SD card. Storage options are visible, in the same way, in My Computer, Hard Drive, Pen Drive etc. can also be connected to the computer and can be seen.

How To Delete Computer Hard Disk Partition? Increase Hard Drive Size

By deleting Hard Disk Partition in the computer, take a backup of the data of any drive you want to delete, that is, all the photos, videos, audios, documents etc. you have stored in that drive, all those data to another drive. Transfer to it, because whatever data you have in that drive will be deleted, and you can add the partition of the computer drive you have partitioned in it,

That is, if you have created a new drive by reducing the size of C Drive, then it will be added to it, and you will not have to use any software in your PC, but without using any software, delete the computer hard disk partition. You can, and the option of Disk Management is available in all Windows of Pc like Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 etc., many more options are available in this, using which you can also give different names to Drive and Their letters can also be changed.

How to Delete Hard Disk Partition in Computer?

  • To open your computer, Windows 7 users will see the My Computer option, right click on it, and Windows 10 users have to right click on the My Pc option with the mouse, after which some options will appear, out of which click on the Manage option. Do.
  • After this, some options will appear here, out of which click on the Disk Management option, here you will see all the drives of your Pc.
  • Right click on whichever Computer Hard Disk Partition you want to delete, and click on the option with Delete Volume.
  • After this you will be told that after deleting this volume, all its data will be deleted, so before deleting it, back up the data, you have to click on the Yes option.
  • Now your Hard Disk Drive will be deleted, and Drive will start showing Unallocated name,
  • After this, right click on the computer hard disk that you partitioned, and then you will see the option with Extend Volume, click on this option.

Then you will show some options, in which you have to go to Next and click on the option with Finish.

Conclusion –

How to Delete Computer Hard Disk Partition, many people do not know about the Disk Management option in Pc, using this option you can also change the name of Computer Drive and give it any name, that’s all. No, in Pc, users also get the option to change the icon of the folder, and can select the folder icon of their choice, this makes the folder look good, and can also hide the folder,

That is, if you do not want to show any file of your computer to anyone, then you can hide that file, so that file is not visible with other files like Photo, Video, Music, Document etc., in this way you can without You can hide photos, videos, documents etc. in the computer only by using any application, and this option is also available to the users in all computer Windows.

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