How to add PHPZIP Archive in cPanel

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Hi, once again guys. This brief guide does an effort of showing how to add PHPZIP Archive in WHM/cPanel. We hope it will be of benefit to you.

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Step 1: Activate the modules on WHM

Log into WHM and click on software option.


Once it opens, click on EasyApache.


While at Easy Apache, click customize which will open a new page.


On the new page, click on PHP Extensions and search for the PHP Zip module you are looking for.


Better yet, just type “zip” on the search bar and it will list all of the available modules. Activate the modules you desire by switching the scroll buttons to the right. After selecting the Zip modules, click on review and select provision found at the bottom of the page.


Step 2: Installing them on cPanel Account

Log into your cPanel account. Go all the way to the “SOFTWARE” section and click on PHP PEAR Packages.

A new page will be displayed. Look for “Find a “PHP Extensions and Applications Package” and search for zip in the search box.


Hit go and wait for the package(s) to be displayed. You can proceed and install the available Archive


And you are done!!.


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