How to Add Money to Zebpay to Buy Bitcoins

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If you have heard about Bitcoin and you want to invest some money in Bitcoin, then you can easily do it. I have already told you how to buy bitcoin in India if you have not read that post. First read it .. Along with this, the list of trusted and popular bitcoin websites and apps is here, you should maintain your account on all of them.

The rate of bitcoin is growing very fast from Nov-2020. Right now the rate of 1 bitcoin is ₹ 250000000 while updating this post. You can see here what is the current price of bitcoin. There are many ways to buy bitcoins, out of which the popular ones in India are Zebpay and from which we can easily buy bitcoins by transferring money from the bank.

How to Buy Bitcoins from Zebpay


To buy bitcoin from Zebpay, first of all you have to install it, so if you have not done it yet, then do it now, after installing, you will have to verify your account. Will be found.

After installing Zebpay App you have to create an account in it, after that Zebpay promo code (Rf 412203) del then you will get ₹ 100 free bitcoins when you buy the first war bitcoin. If you have verified your account, then you are ready to buy bitcoins from your Zebpay account.

1- Fully Verify Zebpay Account

2- It is very important to have net banking in the bank account, from that money will be added.

3- Money in Bank Account 😉

To buy bitcoins from Zebpay, first you have to add money to Zebpay, then you can buy bitcoins with that money ..


How to add money to Zebpay


Adding money to Zebpay is very easy, for this you need to have net banking turned on in your bank account which you have verified in the Zebpay account.


Step 1: First click on the deposit key button in the app.

Step 2: Now the option will come to add money.

There will be 3 options to add money, in which I personally do the express transfer.

In Express Transfer, you will be given a Zebpay account, which you have to add a beneficiary to the bank account, after which you can easily transfer the money to that account, its limit can be ₹ 21 – 15,00,000 in 15 days (this includes net banking No charge will be levied) Payment Gateway can transfer to undefined PUs by login with direct netbanking. Its limit is ₹ 2500 – 50,000 a day. (There will be a charge for net banking.) So let’s add some money from the payment gateway.

Step 3: Now you have to add how much money you have to Zebpay, then click on the Next button.

Step 4: Now the total amount will come in front of you, which will be deducted from the bank account in which the amount you are adding will come to the total of the charge of the + net banking. Click on Proceed to Pay button

Step 5: Select your bank, the Net banking that you have added to your Zebpay must be started because only you will be paid from it.

Note: Apart from the bank account which you have added to your pocket money, you will pay from another bank account, then it will be returned to your account and your 250 ₹ charge will be deducted. So take care of this you Send money from a bank account that you have added to pocket.

Now you have to complete the payment process by selecting your bank, because of security, you cannot tell the bank’s process .. But as soon as you make a payment, such a screen will appear in front of you.

Money will be deducted in the bank, but it takes some time to be added to pocket money right now. The amount of war that I have added, gets added in 10 minutes but it can also take 24 hours. If the bank server while paying If there is a problem, then that money will be returned to your bank account after 24 hours.


How to Buy Bitcoins in Zebpay


By compiling the above process, you have added money to your Zebpay, now you have to Buy Bitcoins, for that we can see what to do.

Step 1: Click on the Buy button.

Step 2: Now all the money that you have added to your Zebpay account will appear above, you want to buy bitcoins of every rupee, enter it in the box and then click on the button of Buy.

Step 3: Now you have to put the pin which you have set in the pocket, take care here if you have entered wrong pin or forward pin? If you wanted to change the PIN by clicking on it, your pocket money account would be blocked for 24 hours due to security.

So enter the Pin correctly and carefully.

After entering the correct PIN, the money that was in pocket was entered into our account. Which you can see at the top of the app.




Now you know how you can add money to Zebpay and how you can buy Bitcoins in Zebpay. If you have any strength in it, you can ask by commenting. In the method I mentioned above, you can add money with the help of express transfer, in which you can not add more than 50,000₹, and there is also a charge for Net Banking. Its limit is also 10,00,000₹.

To add money from NEFT, RTGD, IMPS first you will have to add an account number from your Zebpay to the bank, after which you will have to transfer money in it and enter the details here. Hopefully now you will be able to buy Bitcoins in India if you are interested in it.

Zebpay is a trusted source in India to buy and sell Bitcoins. Apart from this, I have given information about the websites and apps you have, you should also maintain your account on them so that whenever you buy at the cheapest prices.


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