How To Add Compute Host to oVirt Virtualization

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Our recent articles covered installation of oVirt Engine using the two standard methods – Dedicated instance and using Hosted Engine. In this blog post we will dive into addition of compute hosts to oVirt for Virtual Machines to be provisioned using oVirt Engine administration dashboard. Compute hosts servers can be Enterprise Linux Server such as CentOS 8 or oVirt Node server.

If using oVirt Nodes, download the ISO files and use it to install the operating system into the physical hardware.


CentOS 8 Server preparation

For CentOS 8 Physical Servers add the oVirt YUM repository which contains all the packages required.

sudo dnf -y install

Install cockpit-ovirt-dashboard package

sudo dnf -y install cockpit-ovirt-dashboard

Enable Cockpit service.

sudo systemctl enable --now libvirtd cockpit.socket

Add Compute Host to oVirt

Validate oVirt Engine installation by logging into the console.


Navigate to Compute Hosts > New and fill all required information.


Modify other settings in the left panel as you see fit and click “OK” button to provision the node.


The Status should change to Installing and will finish in few minutes.


Configure Host Networking

If you want to add additional networks – extra bridges with VLANs e.t.c, this can be done once the host is added.

First create a Logical Network on Network > New. Give Virtual Network correct details. For VLAN ID check “Enable VLAN tagging


With the Host added and active you can configure its networking under Network Interfaces > Setup Host Networks:


Assign the Logical network to an interface.


Drag Virtual Network for mapping to host interface.


Configure IP addressing if required.


Once saved and successful it should turn green.


You can then proceed to create virtual machines using oVirt Management interface.


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