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If you want to do blogging and want to create your own blog / website, then you may be confused whether you have created your blog on Blogger or on WordPress, then in tension you will tell you from your experience that which is the best and cue so you can easily Which blogger or WordPress will be right for you to create your blog / website.

The first question is that why you say that you want to create a website / blog, there can be many reasons like your to earn money online. To share the talent with the world or whatever I will dress you at every point and tell you which platform is right and cue so that you can select according to your need and condition, on whom you can get your blog / Website is to be made.

# 1: Blogger and WordPress: Which Platform is Easy to Use?

If you are new and you have technical knowledge work then you will not have any problem in doing this to the blogger, because you do not have to do any more technical work in this. It is just a little bit like adding a menu too small work. WordPress needs some technical knowledge to do this because in this we have to install WordPress in hosting and along with it comes some technical terms. But if you search about them, you will get their tutorials too. In the simple words, you will not face any error in creating a blog in Blogger and you can easily create Facebook accounts like normal as well as blogger. But you can create your own blog, but this process is a bit complicated in WordPress.

#2: Price – WordPress VS Blogger

Blogger is absolutely free and we don’t have to pay even a single rupee in it meaning we can create our Blogspot blog without spending. WordPress is also open source software but we have to buy hosting to build a blog on WordPress which costs money. How much money the site costs and said that its complete information is given here.

# 3: Blogger or WordPress: Which Has More Feature?

If you put an article on the blog, then you can do so much work on both of them comfortably, but if you want more features then you will get them in WordPress and you can only do the features that are in Blogger but you cannot add anything new by yourself In WordPress we can enlarge its features by installing the plugin.

# 4: Who is More SEO Friendly? | Blogger or WordPress

So that is, in case of search engine optimization, both are equal, in search of post, the post is necessary for lane

Post Meta Description
Quality Posts
Quality Backlinks

And all things happen in both of them and there is no difference between them. So it would be wrong to say that one is more friendly and not the other. But in WordPress as I said we can also add extra features to it. So one of them is the quick plugin with the help of which we can write the post by setting the keyword, so that we can know more about what is the density of our keyword in the post which we are targeting .. What should be the keyword density in the post I have also given the information that is correct according to the sleep. So if it is called simple then there is no difference between the two, but in sleeping we can use plugins in WordPress.

# 5: Blogger or WordPress: Which is More Secure?

Talking about security, there is no website that is 100% secure in the whole world Government sites get hacked. To protect your site from hacking, I am the one who takes all the security enhancing steps. To create a blog on Blogger, we just have to login with our G-mail Id, after that we can create a blog. But in WordPress we have to do a lot of configuration and if something gets messed up by us then it is easy for the hacker It is possible to hack our site Saying that if we take all the steps of security, then it is not so easy for anyone to hack. You can do plugins to increase security in WordPress. It is like Word France Hacking Blogger site is not so easy if you do clothes from WordPress site. To increase the security of Blogger, do not tell anyone the G-mail from which you have created a blog and keep your email separate. It is impossible for anyone to hack your site .. More information on how to increase the security of blogger blog She has shared if you have a blog on Blogger then definitely read them.

# 6: Who Can Create a High Quality Website? | Blogger or WordPress

Creating a normal website with a good design is easy on both of them, but if you want a website that has many features, then you will have to select WordPress itself. On Blogger, we cannot add extra extras .. Design in Blogger For that, we could upload great blogger templates in it too.


As you have seen, both platforms are almost equal, some people have some problem, some people have some .. But now you must have guessed on which you have to build your site. But make your blog because it is easy and free and then it is not that if you have created a blog on blogger then you can not transfer it to wordpress about how to transfer blogger to wordpress in my details I have told you that whenever you want a little more features, you can spend a little more money for them, then you feel safe.

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