Best Google’s ReCaptcha Alternative: hCaptcha for Spam Protection

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Creating and managing the website, one of the most important point in it is to keep the website secure and also protect the website from spam.

If you have a website, then you must have escaped from the spam comment or spam message in which the user or a script sends a fake message by doing it. Read here to know how to identify spam comment And if you ask to avoid spam form so that no one can send spam messages with automatic script, then you have to add a captcha to the site for that.

Secure website with the form hCaptcha

As technology continues to grow, people have started coming up with different ways to spam. So if we want to protect our website from spam messages, then we have to add a CAPTCHA service for that. In it you will know that whenever we fill a form, we have to verify by ticking that we are a human being.

Like that, popular alternative is hCaptcha, in which it means human. Google has to track many details of your and our users. If you are searching for Google’s privacy for your user’s privacy. hCaptcha is the best option. hCaptcha is very easy to do and implement it on the site. As you go through the settings of WPForms then go to its settings. ‘hCaptcha or Google’s reCAPTCHA’

The user should not have any problem in undefined the form and to keep our site from spam, it is necessary to do a CAPTCHA .. But many people have also removed the trio of Google reCAPTCHA, so this is the best option That we do it by hCaptcha. Like the reCaptcha setting, we also get the option to stop the wrong message spam message and in no conflict mode. By adding it to the site, the look of the website also looks a professional.

Even now, if we add something to the website, it is most important that it be clear so that the user does not have any problem. So in such a case, it is completely clear show and the user does not have any problem. For simple, when you create a form from any good form builder, you will get a block to that hutch, which you have to add to your form.

The one good thing about hCaptcha is that it supports the WPForms completely, which means we can implement it easily in our form.


In the last, I would like to say that if you do not do any CAPTCHA in your website yet, then you should start from today and if you are doing the best alternative search of Google reCaptcha, then there can be no alternative to hCaptcha. If you have any doubt related to hCaptcha, then you can ask by commenting and do not forget to tell this together, you got this information.


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